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photo of the Maracanã stadium in Rio

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June is upon us, the sun is out and here at UITP we have one thing on our minds: big events! With so many large gatherings taking place all over the world, the public transport sector has got its work cut out for it. From the World Cup in Brazil to the plethora of summer festivals and sports events, public transport is mobilising to move the masses.

The growth of large events

Managing large events has been a theme in this sector for many years, but growing populations and increased interconnectivity mean it’s become a more prominent topic. Indeed, we in the public transport sector are still learning how to manage it effectively.

Hosting such huge events requires public transport actors to be able to function at maximum capacity –and that means every aspect of management, from planning and dispatching to marketing, communications and operation – and the project must be of benefit of those who will attend the event, as well as the regular commuters and urbanites.

Only one element, but an important element nonetheless

Public transport is only one element necessary to successfully pull off a massive event, but it’s an important element for cities and citizens. Large events are also often great opportunities to cities and countries to develop and to show off their strengths to the outside world. And very importantly, they often leave positive legacies in the form of infrastructure projects, particularly in public transport.

Check out the next issue of PTI for more

The management of large events is also the subject of the latest version of PTI magazine, which is rolling off the presses as we speak and will be available to UITP members very soon. In it, we examine investment projects in Brazil for the World Cup, Qatar’s mega infrastructure projects for 2022, the legacy of London’s stint as Olympics host, as well as stories from Mons and Makkah. It’s full of invaluable perspectives from UITP members whose experiences in providing transit for large events make for very interesting reading.

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