100 days to board the biggest event on bus!

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This week UITP will be setting off on a journey with “The Story of the Bus”.

For the next three months we’re inviting you to join us as we get ‘busy with the bus’ by unveiling key sector publications and project news all the way to the 2019 International Bus Conference (Brussels, 21-23 October 2019).

The bus has in many ways undergone a resurrection – with services and policies created to bolster the sector and develop it for the next chapter.

We believe that now is truly the time of the bus

And it’s never been a more exciting time for the sector!

With new innovations and developments, we’ll tell you exactly how they impact the sector when we make dedicated stops on our bus journey from now until we join forces with Busworld for the world’s biggest event on bus.

With each stop, you can follow the UITP bus as we launch four publications detailing the latest developments on global bus statistics, Bus Rapid Transit, trolleybus and the impact of
electric buses on urban life.

We’ll also be brining you exciting news on our European projects, with a special stop for ASSURED and two dedicated ‘pick-up points’ for news on APOLLO_EU, and E_LOBSTER.

On Monday, we will pull up to the side to launch the UITP Global Bus Survey, detailing worldwide statistics on more than 320 bus operators in 46 countries, updating on all trends and statistics from the world’s bus fleet.

Did you know that 68% of the world’s bus fleet are standard 12-metre buses – with countries such as Argentina, Finland, Japan and Denmark running 90% of their fleets as standard buses?...

With these standout stats and more, our 2019 Global Bus Survey will make for a monumental starting point on “The Story of the Bus”.

As we countdown from 100 days to the International Bus Conference, where our collaboration with Busworld will allow you to get the complete picture of what’s happening in the sector through a Conference full of high-profile speakers, fresh ideas and advice for implementation, we’re already preparing to pull up at the next stop for the launch of the BRT Report (23 July).

The BRT Report will deal with how cities can integrate Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems – is there one magic formula to integrate BRT systems into the public transport network? Or does implementation practice heavily depend on local conditions?

With innovations such as clean propulsion, automation and connectivity having a transformative effect on BRT operations, you’ll see great opportunities for transforming the system and improving operational conditions within the same BRT line. The report will be available in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Chinese).

A key challenge facing the bus sector is how to transform a bus company from being a traditional labour intensive business into a technology and resource driven enterprise.

The International Bus Conference will focus on both everyday operational aspects, as well as looking at business opportunities beyond the traditional bus operations.

Key topic areas will include everyday operations, bus fundamentals, business growth, electric and new energy buses and bus operations in growing economies.

You’ll get to hear from Transport for London, Arriva, Mosgotrans, RTA, Shenzhen Bus Group, and Volvo Bus, plus many more names still to board.

Don’t wait until the UITP bus pulls up at the final stop in Brussels on 21 October…

Register now to get the best seat on board!

All the information you need is here on our dedicated website

Stay tuned for more news next week when we will bring you our Global Bus Survey on stop number one!

Want to explore all the knowledge we've got on buses? Check out the MyLibrary thematic page compiling all of our latest bus publications (members only access)!

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