2019 you've been a loyal friend, so what news made #UITP trend?

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2019 will soon come to an end.

But before we clock out, we’re staying checked in…to take a quick stroll down memory lane and revisit our top 10 news stories of the year. Join us!

So where do we even start? What a year it’s been for UITP.

The biggest ever Global Summit. A Climate Action campaign that has captivated Mayors, members and the media. An international series of mini-documentaries with BBC StoryWorks. Publications on MaaS, rail, bus, LVC and more…and who can forget our storybook journey aboard the UITP bus all the way to the International Conference?

All sound familiar? We hope so!

If not, don’t worry…sit back and relax as we tell you a story or two. Or how about ten!

So what were the ten most read, viewed and enjoyed stories from the UITP journey of 2019?
Let’s jump right in at number ten.

10. UITP unveils new urban rail Statistics Brief

Bringing up the rear is one of UITP’s six Statistics Brief released in 2019. And who loves a statistic or two? Well apparently lots of people as the urban rail stats that made up this global overview on rail infrastructure has made it to the top ten after an early March release. 121 individual urban rail projects were completed on all continents and in turns out that this latest update was exactly what our audience had been waiting for! Will this be the only statistics in this year’s top ten? You’ll just have to wait and see…

9. UITP arrives at milestone with BRT report/Policy Brief on Electric Buses and Urban Life

Well what do we have here! A statistical tie – and we’re only two stops in to our 2019 wrap-up! In July, UITP began a special journey as we jumped aboard the UITP bus headed to our International Conference with “The Story of the Bus”. Along the way we made five special stops to announce the release of key sectoral publications…and our report on Bus Rapid Transit and the latest Policy Brief focused on the impact of electric buses on city life have stuck to the same schedule and arrived at stop number nine hand in hand! What are the odds? We’ve loved our journey with “The Story of the Bus” this year, and to see two key publications make the top ten after a July and August release is news we can definitely honk our horn too. Toot, toot.

8. UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2023: Call for local hosts open

Here we are in a wrap-up review of 2019 and a little cheeky story from 2023 has jumped into view! In turns out even when UITP is busy hosting the biggest ever edition of our Global Summit, the next one (x2) is already in our thoughts. And it seems it’s in the thoughts of our readers too, as we shouted loud and proud “if you want to follow in the footsteps of Stockholm (2019) and Melbourne (2021) then we’re ready to hear from you!” We had a great level of interest in #UITP2023 and we now have some new information. Or three new pieces of information to be precise.
Brussels. Dubai. Barcelona. You’ll find the UITP team in Belgium, the UAE or Spain for the biggest event of its kind in urban mobility. Stay tuned to find out where we’ll land in 2023 very soon!  

7. UITP launches European Mobility Manifesto for EU election: Put #MobilityOnTop!

We have to go all the way back to February to catch-up on the number seven news making our list...and it’s worth the look back. Hundreds of millions of European citizens voted in the May elections to send returning and new MEPs back to the Parliament – and our European department is extremely engaged with the institutions and decision makers overseeing change in Europe. So what better way to push the important message of mobility to our daily lives, than placing it right at the top of a huge campaign?! Our Mobility Manifesto launched to great success and just a few short months later we had more than 300 signatories agreeing to place #MobilityOnTop! Among those mobility-minded individuals was 40 MEPs. Let’s see what the new parliamentary term brings for the sector – get one step ahead by seeing what our European Priorities are for 2019-2024.
Stay engaged.

6. UITP to create a series of mini-documentaries on the importance of public transport in our cities

Number six is all about redefinition. In order to place a global spotlight on the sector, UITP commissioned a series of mini-documentaries, produced by BBC StoryWorks, from the team at BBC Global News, to highlight the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport. UITP has long known that our cities become more accessible when we restrict private cars – using public transport contributes to the quality of life in our cities. In order to show this message to the world, “Redefining Public Transport: The changing faces of urban mobility” was born. Months of filming and partnering with our members in 17 cities on four continents, Redefining Public Transport spotlights cities and organisations that are working to create lasting change in urban mobility, encouraging large numbers of people out of private vehicles and towards an array of shared services. So what did this international series showcase? And how will we continue to update any misconceptions people may have about public transport? Join the hundreds of thousands of visitors who came to see what the future can and will look like #RedefiningPT …
And the journey will continue into 2020 and beyond. The redefinition won’t stop!

5. The value of public transport: how to implement Land Value Capture

We’re at number five in our 2019 review, and our second Policy Brief to make the top ten is marking the half way point. Have you heard all about LVC? We know that people want to live in places that are well-connected to businesses, schools and other recreational facilities. People will use the space around them when they have the very best access to it – and as our cities grow, the importance of land use is growing in interest. Enter Land Value Capture. The value of land is determined by the amount of public works and development projects carried out in the area and we all know the important role public transport plays in moving people around our cities…so it makes perfect sense that these subjects marry…and that’s why this important Policy Brief has landed straight in at number five. Get familiar with LVC and its implementation to stay ahead of the curve.

4. Mobility as a Service: your journey starts here

Have you heard all about Mobility as a Service? MaaS is one of the hottest topics in the sector right now and in our drive to remain at the forefront of the urban mobility conversation, UITP brought you policy recommendations in our “Ready for MaaS?” Policy Brief, alongside a detailed Report on MaaS. This is an interesting subject and weaves its way in to many public transport topics. Mobility as a Service is all about the integration of, and access to, different transport services in one digital mobility offer. This tailor-made service suggests the most suitable solutions based on the needs of the traveler, ensuring a door-to-door service by enabling life without having to own a car. Interested? We thought so! Familiarise yourself with Maas: your journey starts at stop number four! 

3. Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in public transport

Coming in at number three is another strong technology-focused news. And we need to journey all the way back to February to see the importance our readers placed on AI. It is critically important for the public transport sector to stay on top of new developments and trends as we strive to build, plan and operate the urban mobility systems of the future…and perhaps one of the most significant technological trends in recent years is the development and implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  It seems your interest was truly peaked! The UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence, in collaboration with and co-funded by our member the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore, conducted a year-long study on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Mass Public Transport”. Learn more in our Executive Summary Report on AI in Mass Public Transport.

2. Public Transport Trends Report 2019: a global view on a redefined sector

Public transport is no longer at a turning point.” The UITP Public Transport Trends Report 2019 opened with this proclamation. Published every two years, the Public Transport Trends is a publication detailing the most significant developments already having an effect on the mobility market in general and on public transport in particular. With this type of detailed publication on the sector coming from UITP, it’s no surprise it catapulted its way in to the number two slot – from a mid-April release. These trends were covered in great detail at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm (9-12 June 2019) and you can learn more about the trends and challenges facing and shaping the sector in this official Executive Summary. Check it out and keep yourself on trend.

1. One Planet, One Plan: UITP provides a solution to the climate crisis

And we’ve arrived at number one on our list of the most read UITP stories of the year. Where do we even start when recapping this one! We don’t mind saying that sometimes we stop to give ourselves a little pat on the back for the output we’re proud to bring you. And this is one of those occasions. UITP is a broad church and a lot goes on under this large, global roof. Public transport contains many different facets and encompasses technological and environmental developments throughout. But what is becoming clearer is the role the sector plays in the discussion on our climate. In fact, it plays a crucial role in helping to fight local air pollution and climate change. Here at UITP we decided that global leaders and decision makers weren’t doing enough to make sure the climate action agenda contains what it needs…and so “One Planet, One Plan” was born. Cities have proven time and again that when restricting private cars, local emissions can be reduced by 50%.  You cannot successfully fight climate change, or reach national targets, without addressing local emissions at the same time. In 2020, when national governments are expected to resubmit new climate action plans, there should be no exception: public transport MUST appear on EVERY plan. It turns out many people agreed as mayors, members and the media all came aboard our four step Climate Action Manifesto to prioritise public transport use to combat emission levels and reduce local air pollution. The time to act is now. We’ll be wrapping up the campaign in January with some special conclusions.
Join us: oneplanet.uitp.org #ONEPLANet

So there you have it – the 10 most read stories from UITP in 2019!

We’d like to make a few additions to our wrap-up news…you’ll see that we didn’t bring you a recap of our many and wonderful writings on the UITP Global Public Transport Summit. Hosting the largest event of its kind dedicated to urban mobility – and the biggest edition so far – of course brought in the readers, but our special Summit website was your main go-to spot for #UITP2019. But trust us, our Summit news was enjoyed by many!

And a special point of note must go to a member of the UITP family we said goodbye to this year. Last month UITP mourned the sudden passing of our dear colleague Laurent Dauby. Laurent was a kind, genuine and generous person. He was passionate about public transport, as well as one of its most committed advocates…and he’ll be remembered by the entire UITP team for his professionalism, work ethic and his charming character. Thank you for everything you brought to UITP Laurent.

From everyone at UITP, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyful New Year.

Please note that the UITP headquarters in Brussels, Belgium will be closed from 25 December 2019 to 01 January 2019 included. 

Join us in 2020 for even more news, releases, position papers and events…including our 135th Anniversary! And to think we barely look a day over 134.

See you soon!


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