UITP reaffirms its involvement in the fight against climate change

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In the spirit of yesterday’s World Environment Day, and in light of United States’ announcement to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement, UITP reaffirms its commitment to support countries’ efforts in upholding the agreement and stresses the need for a truly global effort in severely reducing carbon emissions. 

The Paris Agreement is aimed at reducing risk to economies and lives everywhere, while building the foundation for a more prosperous, secure and sustainable world. It enjoys profound credibility and UITP is proud to support its implementation”, said Alain Flausch, UITP Secretary General.

UITP members previously demonstrated their leadership and vision to climate action with the "UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership", launched at the United Nations Secretary General's Climate Summit in 2014. In addition to this declaration, UITP and its members will continue to lead through the UNFCCC Global Climate Action Agenda at COP23 by working for low-carbon, resilient economic growth that will create quality jobs and markets for 21st century prosperity.

The 2015 Paris Agreement is a very strong signal of international willingness to cooperate for the most urgent problems of our common future. This is not only a binding treaty, but also provides help for those places in the world, that need it most”, said Gunnar Heipp, UITP’s special envoy to the UN on climate change and sustainable development.

For the transformation of urban mobility, there is the strong signal, that public transport has to be expanded even more than in recent years, in order to reduce the present emission patterns of the total mobility sector still dominated by far too many fuel powered private cars in cities. UITP will continue to support the United Nations and its member states on this development path”, said Mr. Heipp.


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