Actions speak louder than words: UITP reaffirms commitment to fight climate change

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In 2014 at the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit, UITP launched its Declaration on Climate Leadership, where members communicated on over 350 projects that would help reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing their public transport systems over the coming years.

Today, at COP24—the world’s biggest climate convention—UITP represents the only transport organisation at the climate talks that raises awareness of public transport’s contribution to addressing climate change. As an official partner of the UNFCCC, we are proud to take up this crucial position in the dialogue on climate.

Meanwhile, at the UITP Policy Board in Lyon (a gathering of members involved in the decision-making process of our organisation in terms of political positioning), our members have taken this opportunity to renew the 2014 Declaration on Climate Leadership. The members of our Policy Board have committed to communicating on their future climate actions, and they ask that the rest of our fellow members do the same. This will encourage further climate actions on national and global levels.

We believe that public transport is key to achieving the Paris Climate Agreement, and that UITP and its members can play an active role in scaling up climate actions on local and national levels—and that is exactly what we have determined to do.

Signed by UITP President Pere Calvet and Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani, we invite the rest of our members to share their support of this important Declaration as well by contacting

Read the full Declaration here!

Follow us live on the ground at COP24 from the @UITPpress account and stay tuned to our regular blogs on LinkedIn here!

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