Advancing metropolitan areas together: UITP and Metropolis sign Memorandum of Understanding

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Developing sustainable, competitive and inclusive metropolitan areas is key to improving the quality of life for urban citizens.

By working together through advocacy actions, UITP is pleased to announce the signing of an MoU with Metropolis, the World Association of the Major Metropolises. By combining efforts, the global reach of both UITP and Metropolis will allow for cooperation in the field of sustainable mobility by exchanging information on urban transportation policies, planning, management and operations.

Working with key decision makers in our cities is vital to advancing urban life and this agreement will allow UITP and Metropolis to advance on advocacy and outreach inititiatives such as the Mobility Champions Community.

As an official supporting partner of the Mobility Champions Community, Metropolis and its members understand the need to advance transport and mobility issues by promoting the health, social inclusion/gender, innovation and economic benefits of sustainable mobility in metropolitan areas.

Mobility is at the heart of sound structured metropolitan spaces.

Mobility is at the heart of sound structured metropolitan spaces. This MoU will strengthen the work both organisations are carrying out in other to improve the quality of life of citizens”, said Octavi De La Varga, Secretary General, Metropolis.

Read more about our collaboration in the official press release!

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