ASSURED project brings standardisation of e-bus charging one step closer

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Did you hear all about UITP’s journey plans with ‘The Story of the Bus’? We’ve reached the second stop on our journey together with research project ASSURED, which has just released a new report that is a major milestone in the standardisation of electric bus charging.

The electrification of public transport has long been dubbed as a core solution to make our cities healthier, greener and more sustainable. UITP strongly supports this development, something shown by our participation in key research and innovation projects such as ZeEUS, ELIPTIC, and ASSURED. The ASSURED project, in which UITP is a key partner, aims to develop and test high-power charging solutions for urban commercial vehicles.

An essential factor to ensure the success and upscaling of fleets of electric vehicles, is the interoperability of the vehicle and the charging unit. When cities and operators can use the same charging infrastructure for different brands of buses, tendering and implementation of the infrastructure is simplified and market uptake easier. To achieve interoperability, standardisation and conformance testing (evaluating the system against industrial standards) are essential.

The efforts to reach full standardisation of e-bus charging infrastructure are heavily underway. To support these efforts, the ASSURED project has released a new report called ‘ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference’. The reference has been developed specifically for the ASSURED project and is targeted at charging infrastructure suppliers and e-bus manufacturers.

A major achievement is that the ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference will be subject to a standard test protocol to prove interoperability with different brands of e-buses and chargers. The upcoming tests will start by the end of this year and results will be ready by June 2020. This is expected to increase acceptance by the industry as such a decisive verification tool will finally make interoperability measurable. With the ASSURED interoperability protocol, cities and bus operators will be able to easily mix and match vehicle and charger brands.

The report, which is led by VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) is a continuation of the European Committee for Standardisation and the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CEN-CENELEC) recommendation for e-bus standardisation, previously coordinated by UITP.

The ASSURED report is one of the main stops on UITP’s journey “The Story of the Bus” - join our trip as we get ‘busy with the bus’ by unveiling key sector publications and project news all the way to the International Bus Conference (Brussels, 21-23 October 2019)!

The ASSURED consortium is led by Vrije Universiteit Brussel and gathers 39 partners from 12 European countries covering the entire value chain of urban heavy-duty transport and light-duty vehicles. UITP is a key partner in the ASSURED project, leading the User Acceptance & Demonstration in cities activities, as well as the dissemination, collaboration and networking. The ASSURED 1.0 Interoperability Reference has been developed within the boundaries of the project research activities and in close cooperation with the ASSURED project partners. The report is available via the ASSURED website.

For more information about ASSURED and the report, contact Aida Abdulah, or read the full press release!

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