Award-winning ticketing solution uses Bluetooth technology

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In increasing times of digitalisation, the public transport and urban mobility sector is working hard to develop new technologies that improve and facilitate users’ journeys.

One of the first and most significant concerns for public transport companies and authorities has been to digitise their ticketing systems. All over the world, ticketing is undergoing critical developments to make it easier for travellers to purchase and carry their tickets, as well as to help consolidate multiple tickets for all modes of transport into one simple place. The goal is to eventually allow passengers to travel seamlessly across all modes of transport and to wherever they need to go.

ByteToken, Ltd in association with its parent company Bytemark Inc, have recently developed an award-winning ticketing solution called AirGate. At the Transport Ticketing Global Awards in London, ByteToken’s AirGate Bluetooth solution won the headline award of the night, ‘Ticketing Technology of the Year’.

AirGate uses a Bluetooth-enabled ByteToken app to facilitate the process of automated fare validation. While the Bluetooth is activated, a traveller using the AirGate solution does not need to produce a smartcard or physical ticket of any kind, nor tap their phone or device at a validation point; the ticket is merely activated automatically through the hand-free technology of Bluetooth. Thus, the passenger may continue through ticket validation zones without stopping. For more information please contact Alex Stewart or read their press release.

Innovative ticketing solutions such as this will be a heavy focus at our upcoming IT-TRANS 2018 International Congress and Exhibition event in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 6 to 8 March. ‘The Account-Based Ticketing Journey’ is a highlight session on the busy Conference programme (scheduled for the morning of 7 March). Furthermore, a workshop will be held on ‘Smart travel becoming real for more and more customers’, hosted by Smart Ticketing Alliance on 6 March.

Read the full IT-TRANS programme here!

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