UITP Awards: North Denmark’s ‘Around your World’ increases accessibility in low-density areas

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The UITP Awards celebrate the most innovative and ambitious sustainable mobility projects from across the world, contributing to the sector objective of doubling the market share of public transport by 2025. The 2017 UITP Awards were handed out during the Global Public Transport Summit in Montréal. We sat down with a representative from each winning project to learn more about their initiative and to pick their brain about innovation in the sector.

Winner of Award for ‘Small cities and low density areas’: Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (Public Transport Authority of North Denmark) for ‘Around your World’

The ‘Around your World’ project offers an integrated mobility solution for residents in low-density regional settings, including: hourly services all day, on-demand responsive service, and a travel planner. This project includes strategy covering the entire region of North Denmark and all modes of transport (including carpooling and car sharing).

Ole Schleemann, assistant CEO of the Public Transport Authority of North Denmark, answered our questions.

Tell us briefly about your project:

Our mobility plan ‘Around your World’ has three initiatives: 1) Expansion of the Core Network to ensure no less than hourly services all day; 2) Mobility for all: We make it easy to get to the Core Network by offering transport to the hubs on the network; 3) Linking of mobility: A travel planner incorporating trains, buses and private modes of transportation.

What is innovative about this project and how does it push the sector forward?

The innovative features of ‘Around your World’ are:

  • Demand-responsive transportation (‘Plustur’) that links the rural areas to the Core Network at the same tariff as buses and trains.
  • Travel Planner (‘Den Nordjyske Rejseplanlægger’) with information on train, bus, taxi, carpooling, and car sharing, including information, booking and payment.
  • Strengthening of transport hubs with pylons, signposts, maps, parking spaces for car-sharing.
  • Strengthening of the Core Network in areas where density is low and at times when demand is relatively low.

Our goal is to transform from a traditional public transport authority to a ‘mobility provider’

What lessons can other public transport stakeholders take away from this project?

Our goal is to transform from a traditional public transport authority to a ‘mobility provider’. We want to combine train, bus, taxi, and carpooling, and we want to play a crucial role in the transition. This requires new partnerships across the transportation industry. Good mobility is crucial for Denmark’s major policy agendas: Growth, health and well-being, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment and climate.


Stay tuned for interviews with the remaining winners of the UITP Awards. 

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