Back to Better Mobility: bringing our cities back to people

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The coronavirus pandemic has spread rapidly across the globe, causing a complete halt in daily activities and giving new meaning to what’s considered “essential” in life.

Despite the nearly 90% drop in public transport ridership around the world, the sector has stepped forward into the front lines to help fight the coronavirus. Our Guardians of Mobility, have kept our cities moving.

Together, we have been responding to short-term emergencies, but now we must move beyond, ensure the survival of the public transport and seize a historical, unique opportunity to start over and shape the future of our cities.

This is our chance to build back better bringing cities back to people.

Together with our members, UITP is proud to launch the ‘Back to Better Mobility’ campaign, with a detailed manifesto and strong key visuals that indicate what a future could look like with or without public transport.

We don’t want to go from lockdown back to gridlock.

Decision makers must act now to achieve a future with clean air, a future that allows freer and safer movement in cities, and a future with easier and more inclusive access to jobs and businesses.

We’d also like to remind our passengers around the world that public transport puts their needs and safety first, and remains the better mobility option for their present and future lives.

Public transport, as the backbone of urban mobility, is fundamental to building resilient cities, to combating climate change, preventing the ‘bounce back’ of air pollution, encouraging healthy, active lifestyles, and boosting local economies leaving no one and no place behind.

We need to go back to better mobility to build better cities, and better lives.

Breathe better. Move better. Work better.

Our future is in your hands!

Help us go Back to Better Mobility

Read our official press release

Are you a city leader or decision maker? Get more information in our related Policy Brief!



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