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Adoption of information technology has the potential to deliver a revolutionary impact on the public transport sector. Digitalisation is not an issue for the future. It is already happening and the public transport sector needs to embrace it, to take advantage of the numerous opportunities it offers as well as preparing itself for its role in the future mobility market. It is very important for key decision makers to remain abreast with new innovation like AI, Blockchain, Autonomous and on-demand. UITP is offering this year a training calendar full of opportunities for IT stakeholders.

Some of key upcoming courses are:

  • Digitalisation in Taxi Transport, in Dubai, UAE on 4-6 February. The course will cover all aspects of taxi transport from regulation to operation, drivers to vehicles, while analysing new developments like Transport Network Companies, shared mobility, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and autonomous mobility which are becoming central in the urban mobility debate.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Singapore on 25-27 February. This is the first training programme on this topic. This course results of a year-long research project Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mass Public Transport conducted at UITP Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence in Singapore. More than 100 experts from authorities, operators, industry providers and academics contributed to the research in providing insights on the future of AI in public transport.
  • Lean Six Sigma and Cost Management in Brussels, Belgium on 25-27 March. Another new topic in our portfolio which will focus on the use of Lean, Six Sigma and 5S tools to implement cost efficient processes in data management, maintenance, quality improvement and customer centricity . It will also include real examples on how to increase the cost efficiency in public transport operations.  
  • Autonomous Mobility in Karlsruhe, Germany on 1-3 April. A first objective of this course is to demystify autonomous mobility and discuss the possible scenarios of introducing autonomous vehicles in the most sustainable way for our cities. This course will also allow participants to learn from stakeholders who build and run autonomous vehicles or contribute to the design of policy and regulatory frameworks.
  • On-demand buses, in Stuttgart, Germany on 15-17 April. This programme aims to understand the suitability of demand responsive transport within a public transport network and the different scenarios for its integration. The agenda will also focus on the key ingredients for a successful deployment: operational, infrastructure, technology and regulatory perspectives.
  • Blockchain, in Stockholm, Sweden on 13 June – This training course will be offered just after the UITP Global Public Transport Summit. The programme will be available in the coming weeks, keep an eye on for more information.

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