On track to a sustainable future: our joint achievements and next steps

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In the context of the World Bank/IMF Spring Meetings on Sustainable Mobility in Washington DC, we are happy to shed some light on the work of the SuM4All (Sustainable Mobility for All) initiative and the release of their 2017-2018 Annual Report. SuM4All is a coalition of countries, development banks, and international entities, together working towards changing the future of mobility. Sustainable, accessible, and efficient mobility is key to building a better future for our planet and its people, but also a crucial element to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

With a seat on the SuM4All Steering Committee, UITP has taken the lead on the working group for universal urban access on behalf of SuM4All. We work to define challenges to urban access and provide sustainable solutions to keep cities moving.

One of the first achievements of the SuM4All initiative was the launch of the Global Mobility Report in 2017. The report urged the sector towards more climate actions, insisting that what’s currently being done is not enough. On a global scale, we need to do better.

The next step was to begin measuring countries’ performances against sustainable mobility targets. In line with this, UITP has taken up a significant role in the EU-funded project SUMI (Sustainable Urban Mobility Indicators), which is already supporting urban areas all over Europe in evaluating the sustainability of their mobility systems, and track the impact of their policies through a harmonised set of urban mobility indicators, to be endorsed by the European Commission and based on a previous approach by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

Our latest achievement through the SuM4All initiative is the charting of the Global Roadmap of Action toward Sustainable Mobility (GRA), specifying the role of key actors: the national and local policy makers, development partners, and the private sector.

During 2019, SUM4ALL initiative has also started a consultation process where for the first time, high-level policy makers and global thought leaders are invited to engage and share their insights on the proposed GRA. UITP and UCLG are particularly involved in this critical phase through the Mobility Champions Community.

Watch the SuM4All Consortium Meeting video here!

Read more about the progress and next steps for the SuM4All initiatives in their Annual Report here!


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