The changing world of public transport

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Technology and digitalisation, climate change, the need for organisation and the desire for individual transport are all driving change across the sector as a whole and are among the critical issues impacting public transport to varying degrees.

The 2017 edition of UITP’s Public Transport Trends report takes an in-depth look at these key challenges in the context of the changing natural environment, socio-economic pressures, demographic factors and increasing urbanisation.

The Public Transport Trends report offers a focus on the most significant developments impacting the mobility world in general and public transport in particular.

For the 2017 edition, there are four outstanding trends: new mobility services and public transport; the (re)organsation of the public transport market; developing alternatives to fossil fuels in an uncertain oil market and the impact on cities and urban mobility of the ‘motorcycle boom’.

Each of these four dedicated chapters is structured into sections, illustrated by case studies, infographics and interviews with top industry executives. To set the scene, the report also opens with an update looking back at how the trends identified in the inaugural edition in 2015 have evolved, supported by a chapter presenting key data and statistics illustrating how public transport is progressing in selected countries and regions, serving to inform on the quantitative evolution of supply, demand and market share.

In the coming months, UITP will deliver a series of publications, events, Policy Briefs, training programmes, research projects and initiatives structured around the main findings of the report, helping to support UITP members in the day-to-day work and engaging politicians and decision-makers for the defence of public transport.

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