The Clean Bus Declaration is signed!

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The Research & Innovation Day of the UITP-Busworld International Bus Conference contained a special moment on stage - gathering the Clean Bus Declaration signatories.

The European Commission’s “Declaration of intent on promoting large-scale deployment of clean, alternatively fuelled buses in Europe” was launched to show commitment to make the transition to clean, alternatively fuelled happen.

The declaration was presented by the European Commission; the European Investment Bank gave the financial framework and UITP expressed the vision of its members. Many signatories were in attendance, including Alstom, Busworld Foundation, Chariot Motors, CTM S.p.a., Daimler Buses, Engie Ineo, Government of Catalonia, Irizar, Malta Public Transport, Microvast, RATP, Scania, Skoda Electric, Solaris, VDL, Volvo Bus. Operators and authorities of signatory cities and regions were also present, including STIB (Brussels), Hamburger Hochbahn (Hamburg), TfL (London), ATM (Milan), Ruter (Oslo) as well as EMT Madrid (Madrid region).

The decision to sign the declaration was taken in UITP’s European Union Committee - which assembles public transport operators and authorities from the EU Member States. UITP and its members believe that alternatively fuelled and electric buses are the future and therefore support the evolution of the market. 

The morning session of Day 3 of the conference began with a speech from Claire Depré, European Commission, DG MOVE, who presented the declaration and spoke about public transport and the challenges ahead. “We have a wonderful task ahead of us, we are lucky to be part of the storyline of public transport”, Ms Depré said. Although challenges lie ahead, the importance must be placed on working in partnership – nothing will happen on its own – Ms Depré suggested.

We have a wonderful task ahead of us, we are lucky to be part of the storyline of public transport

The declaration intends for all involved to work in partnership and to be ‘part of the story’.

The European Commission hopes that the continent can become the leader in decarbonisation – but this cannot happen alone. Ms Depré also discussed national policy framework from member states and moving towards low and zero emission mobility. “We have started with ‘real life’, not legislation”, Ms Depré stated.

The declaration is signed independently by each partner.

To read the original press release on the UITP decision please click here.

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