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COP27 to bring sustainable transport to the forefront of this year's climate talks

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Transport is ‘an issue of particular importance’

COP27 aims to provide solutions and alternatives to the current challenges related to climate change. With the COP27 presidency focusing on implementation, it turns to the sectors that can make a real difference in the fight against climate change. 

The COP Presidency has identified sustainable transport, as a key sector of focus for the COP27 climate conference taking place from 6 – 18 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt.

In the lead up to COP27; on 7 September 2022 the Presidency convened close to 100 stakeholders in Cairo including governments, multilateral development banks, UN agencies, private sector, civil society and NGOs, including UITP. The meeting sought to strengthen consensus on what specific COP27 transport-related outcomes could be achieved to support low-and middle-income countries, with a focus on Africa.

Public transport: part of the solution

The COP27 Solutions Day on 17 November aims to highlight the huge potential that sustainable transport can play in addressing climate change to decision makers, highlighting success stories and available opportunities for more climate action.

The combination of decarbonised public transport, walking and cycling holds the key to many of the solutions needed to achieve our goals through a just transition. COP27 can pave the way for accelerating action which can provide direct and cross cutting impact on climate change, pollution, quality of living and efficiency.

Accelerating the road to carbon neutrality

“Last year, UITP made clear that we need the incoming COP Presidency to prioritise public transport and active mobility at COP27.  It’s a natural fit for a Solutions Day and would be a big and much needed ‘quick win’ at COP27. Clearly our message has been heard load and clear”, said Philip Turner, UITP’s Head of Sustainable Development.

“Society will benefit from every increase in a modal share of public transport, through fewer road fatalities and injuries, more inclusive access to opportunities, reduced congestion, improved air quality and more space in our cities. So having a COP Presidency focus on the benefits that public transport can bring is a massive bonus for our sector.” 

The Solutions Day will bring together government representatives, businesses and innovators to share their experiences and their ideas. Ultimately, the aim is to spread awareness, share experiences and best practices, and perhaps build future alliances and collaborations. UITP will be there to champion our sector in order to bring it the attention it deserves.

Read more about UITP’s actions around the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

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