Eco-driving and smart driving results of 3iBS project presented at ACTUATE final conference

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The results achieved in the 3iBS project in the domain of eco-driving and smart driving were presented by Michele Tozzi at the ACTUATE final conference which took place on 12 December 2014 in Brussels. The conference included various aspects of eco-driving for clean vehicles in the public transport sector addressed by invited speakers. Additionally, the ACTUATE project partners gave presentations on optimizing driving performances for energy reduction by advanced drivers’ training and education.

Michele Tozzi showed in his presentation how eco-driving is analysed in 3iBS as one of the tools that have potential in improving the energy efficiency of urban bus fleets.

The 3iBS project conducted an analysis of the results from eco-driving systems based on in-cab visual interfaces on 2 fleets running under real operational conditions in 2 medium-size cities in France and in the Netherlands. The tests showed a range of fuel consumption decrease between 5 and 10% depending on the PT network, vehicles weather conditions and drivers’ driving style. All these factors, combined with the awareness that tests on a larger fleet and over a longer period would provide more consolidated results, pave the way for further research activities and place the emphasis on the need to train drivers properly to ecodrive.

These results are in line with the results obtained by the ACTUATE project.

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