EU: New push to decarbonise the entire transport sector

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UITP welcomes the intentions of the European Commission to encourage the full switch from fossil fuels to electric and other alternative fuels for public transport. 

This objective, part of the Commission’s Energy Union strategy, is outlined in a draft proposal released today, which indicates the Energy Union’s intention to push for "a gradual transformation of the entire transport system".

This will be done by promoting the development of fuelling and charging stations and other infrastructure that will help operators of different modes to make the switch. The draft Energy Union proposal makes electrification of the transport system an important requirement “to break oil dependency and to decarbonise transport”.

UITP welcomes the move, as it is an meaningful indicator that the European Union recognises the importance of public transport is improving overall energy efficiency in the Union. Moreover, there has to be a transition to transport modes that consume less energy in addition to the electrification of public and private transport if the EU is serious about improving the overall efficiency of the transport system.

Legislation on “decarbonising the transport sector, including an action plan on alternative fuels” will be put forward by the Commission in 2017.

In January, a coalition of eight green NGOs sent a letter to 28 EU Commissioners asking “to plant the electrification of transport at the heart of the European Energy Union”.

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