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Sustainable Development

European Mobility Week provides hope for Better Mobility

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That’s a wrap!

Another successful edition of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has come to a close! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 2,937 towns and cities participated this year with over 867 registered MOBILITYACTIONS—an excellent turn out in support of sustainable mobility!

Under the theme ‘Zero-emission mobility for all’, this week (16-22 September 2020), we have turned our focus on how to reach the ambitious targets of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050, as laid out by the European Commission and the European Green Deal.

At the start of this week, we took the opportunity to stress that by strengthening the role of public transport as the backbone of urban mobility in cities, not only will we reach carbon neutrality targets, but we will make a significant impact in the global fight against the climate crisis.

Every year, as European Mobility Week comes to a close, we have the same conclusion: cities can and must commit to inclusive and sustainable mobility projects, no matter how big or small the municipality. We continue to see more and more proof that strengthening the role of public transport as the backbone of urban mobility is the fastest and surest way of reaching zero emission targets and fighting the climate crisis. Especially now, as we look towards the future of mobility in the aftermath of COVID-19, we must focus our collective efforts on building back better with better mobility for all. As we close this week of awareness-raising activities, it’s time to keep working on long-term commitments.
Pere Calvet
UITP President & General Manager of FGC

Better Mobility is imperative

Especially, as we begin to shift focus away from dealing with short-term emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic, we are presented with the unique opportunity to build our cities back better than before, with better mobility at the forefront.

Many of this week’s activities have inspired us, giving us hope for a better future with better mobility…

Here are some highlights!


Through this new social media campaign, cities from all over Europe have been sharing stories of how they move with sustainable mobility. From more cycling lanes in the UK, to an increase in electric buses in Helsinki, Hamburg and Valencia, everyone is making sustainable mobility commitments and showing them off with this excellent awareness raising campaign.

We’ve seen improvements being made to cycling lanes to improve safety and visibility, but also innovations to bus stations and the launch of several new mobility apps so that citizens can easily find their best route to go about their daily activities.

‘Public transport is OK’

In the Netherlands, a national campaign has been launched in support of public transport: “Public transport is OK” (‘OV-OK’). The idea is to remind passengers that public transport operators have been taking every possible precaution to keep their systems safe and to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in vehicles or in stations.

The campaign website also provides detailed information for passengers so they can take responsibility for their own health and safety, noting in particular that they should not travel if they feel at all ill. The campaign aims to restore trust in public transport, while also invoking the “we will get through this if we work together” communal spirit that we’ve seen, in many places, in the face of this crisis period.

Launch of ZEBinars

Element Energy and Hydrogen Europe (our partners in the JIVE projects) launched a series of free webinars that cover key elements of the transition to zero emissions for the bus sector.

The first ZEBinar (held on 22 September) provided an overview of the policy framework for zero emission buses, where we were pleased to present our latest work through the Clean Bus Europe Platform.

Let’s keep the ball rolling!

Congratulations to all involved cities and towns for their commendable activities! This week has been a pivotal moment for mobility in 2020… let’s not lose this momentum.

We must continue to follow through on our commitments to better mobility and a better future for all.

Our future is in your hands!

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