Alain Flausch & Sir Peter Hendy on the UITP Awards

Fetranspor accept a UITP Award

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The UITP Awards are a showcase of how best to lead our cities in our new, overwhelmingly urban future.

By Alain Flausch, UITP Secretary General, and Sir Peter Hendy CBE, former UITP President 

The 2015 UITP Awards Ceremony on June 10 marked the end of the UITP World Congress and Exhibition in Milan. During the Congress we were updated on the latest trends, opportunities and challenges for the public transport sector. We know that there is a big need to supply sustainable mobility solutions to the ever increasing world urban areas and to those lower density areas that need new mobility models.

We know that the public transport market share in cities worldwide is on a positive trend in cities in developed countries and is facing challenges in cities in developing countries, where increasing mobility needs require sustainable mobility solutions.

Three strategic directions

On top of recognising the work of public transport companies that have participated in this edition of the UITP Awards 2015, the UITP Awards aim to inspire the public transport sector by highlighting innovative and successful ideas and projects implemented around the world.

With the support of Arthur D. Little, we focussed on three strategic directions for cities to better shape their future urban mobility and we present the UITP Awards 2015 categories around the four dimensions that need to be addressed to put sustainable urban mobility systems in place: visionary strategy, mobility supply, mobility demand management and public transport financing.

As in the two previous editions of the UITP Awards, this year we received an overwhelming answer with more than 200 excellent applications that could not be in all cases retained. The UITP Awards should remain exceptional and UITP will further work on this to be able to showcase every two years those ambitious and innovative projects implemented around the world that help the sector reach its ambitious objective of doubling its market share by 2025.

We will be publishing details of the winning projects on over the coming weeks. Click here to see the list of winners

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