Infographic: The North American rail revival

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Rail is currently undergoing a revival in North America and there are projects underway from Honolulu to Ottawa and from Edmonton to New York that look set to transform the morning commute.

UITP has produced the below infographic which gives an overview of the extent of the revival. According to figures from the World Bank, the urban population in North America increased from 70% to 82% between 1960 and 2015 creating greater demand for mobility in urban areas.

Whether it’s new commuter lines in Denver, or Toronto’s major new light rail expansion projects, it’s clear that across cities in North America, rail is enjoying a resurgence.

UITP will be organising the inaugural edition of the International Rail Forum for North America this week in New York. The first Forum meeting will discuss a range of hot topics, including: the challenge of maintaining and reinventing legacy rail systems; preparedness and resilience for climate change and for terror threats; global best practice in light rail and innovation in customer service and safety. 

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