The innovative metro: a foundation for new mobility

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From 10-12 October 2018, the UITP Metropolitan Railways Assembly was held in conjunction with the International Rail Forum for North America, under the theme, ‘The innovative metro: a foundation for new mobility’.

The UITP Metro Division is composed of close to 100 international metro operators and transit authorities responsible for the management of metro systems. The Division aims to support its members and foster good practices in the management and operations of metro systems, through the direct exchange of experiences among operators, and the production of reports and recommendations, covering both strategic topics and day-to-day operational issues.

The main outcomes of the work done through the Division are presented annually at the Metro Assembly.

One of the main projects to highlight this year is the recently released UITP Statistics Brief on World Metro Figures. This Brief collects exhaustive data for a series of key indicators for all metros in the world including ridership, number of lines, network length, number of stations and—new for this edition—fleet size. Extensive data was also collected for another new field: infrastructure construction model (underground, elevated, at grade or in trench).

While the Statistics Brief is free to all, the extended Report and Dataset are available for UITP Premium members only through MyLibrary. All others must purchase the combined document by sending an email to More information can be found here.

The International Rail Forum for North America brings together transit agencies with rail networks from North America and around the world to collaborate on solving the current and future challenges rail transit agencies face.

This year’s Forum was kindly hosted by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro), in the context of our theme innovation. The Forum provided a unique opportunity to get closer to the ‘Silicon Valley spirit’ and collaborate with the ‘Office of Extraordinary Innovation’, established by LA Metro.

“We are willing to be bold and take risks”, said Philip Washington, CEO of LA Metro as he addressed the congregation. Washington revealed that LA Metro plans to double the size of their rail network.

The event was a success, with a strong attendance of over 100 delegates, active in an engaging exchange of knowledge on digitalisation, artificial intelligence and integration with new mobility services. The Forum included four comprehensive tours of various projects that the LA Metro is undertaking in the city.

Thank you again to our local host!

Download the World Metro Figures 2018 Statistics Brief

What’s next in California? UITP has organised a New Mobility Services Learning Visit in San Francisco from 12-14 November 2018 in conjunction with the UITP Taxi Platform Meeting. This Learning Visit in Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation, is partly hosted by Uber.

Stay tuned to our news from the North America region by checking in on our dedicated website.

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