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Interested in developing security technologies? Join PREVENT's Public Buyers Group

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While the public transport sector continues to keep our cities moving during these difficult times, we can easily forget that there are other pressing issues to tackle in our sector.

Providing safe environments for both passengers and staff remains a high priority for public transport operators, and seems logical that different actors across the transport, security and public domains would want to work together.


PREVENT (procurements of innovative, advanced systems to support security in public transport) focuses on pre-empting attacks in public transport by enabling earlier detection of threats, tracking individuals or situations and coordinating the best response with the relevant stakeholders.

So far, a user-observatory group has been formed from a community of stakeholders made up of public transport operators, public transport authorities, security organisations and law enforcement representatives. By collecting and exchanging needs, expectations and feedback, the aim is to learn about cutting-edge knowledge on security and technologies in cooperation with public authorities. Together, the group has identified and defined a common strategy: to enhance the security of public transport networks and prevent terrorist attacks.

Yet it is the pre-commercial procurement (PCP) approach that makes this such a defining project.

It means that the identification and development of new technologies are tailored to the needs of those involved. With PREVENT, the financial investment is limited, and the risks and expertise are shared between other procurement counterparts, forming the public buyers group (PBG).

As public buyers, our role is to ensure that investments translate into efficient and sustainable solutions. The PREVENT PCP encourages this while bringing international leadership in an ever-growing market, ensuring better quality products at lower prices.

PREVENT is looking for organisations and authorities to join the project via PCP and to procure technologies that bridge the gap between offer and demand.

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