Seven mobility nuggets from Bombardier’s Laurent Troger

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Laurent Troger, President of Bombardier Transportation offers up some nuggets on the future of mobility.

“We’re seeing increasing demand for public transport due to two things: from increasing urbanisation and from the sharing economy.

This momentum is accelerating: cities all over the planet are saying, ‘we need to find a solution.’ We’re seeing less and less competition between the different modes of transport and more integration.

8,000 new metro cars and 3,200km of new urban tracks were added in the last two years globally. Capacity and safety are very important for cities, it’s an unstoppable trend.

Despite the arrival of the internet people are actually moving more and more. Digitalisation helps us to increase capacity and deliver more and more automation in everything we do: preparation, driving and maintenance.

The public transport market is growing globally in terms of geography and in terms of products and innovations. Europe remains the main market and Asia is continuously growing.

Players like Uber and Lyft are not competitors of public transport but an accelerator of the transformation.

I feel very positive about public transport and despite the megatrends that could constrain it, I see a lot of momentum and demand for urban and intra-urban mobility.”

Laurent Troger


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