Introducing the top 3 candidates to host the 2021 Global Public Transport Summit

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The final three candidates in line to host the 2021 UITP Global Public Transport Summit have just been announced! Our biggest biennial event will take place in either Moscow- Russia, Melbourne- Australia, or Hamburg- Germany!

In anticipation of the final decision to be made in May 2018, we would like to introduce our top three candidates in more detail. Below you will find some of the facts and figures that caught our attention and attracted us to these three impressive cities.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow is the historic and cosmopolitan capital city of Russia. While famous for its unique and iconic city monuments and deeply symbolic history, Moscow is also accountable for a large, sustainable public transport and urban mobility system.

Moscow boasts a large population of around 20 million inhabitants, with roughly 6 billion public transport passengers recorded yearly. With such a huge demand for urban mobility, Moscow offers several modes of transportation: metro, tram, suburban rail, bus, waterborne, car-sharing, trolleybus and bike renting.

The expected market share of public transport in Moscow for the year 2021, the year of our Summit, is at 72% of all motorised modes, with an average yearly investment of 3.5 million EUR.

Melbourne, Australia

Located along the southeast coast of Australia, Melbourne is the perfect example of city meets sea, with impressive skyscrapers and beautiful beaches. Such a particular landscape at the southern tip of the continent requires an advanced public transport system and mobility solution.

The bustling city of Melbourne counts approximately 4.5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, with around 560 million yearly passengers of public transport. The people of Melbourne are also granted several options for modes of transportation, such as: metro, tram, suburban rail, bus, car-sharing and bike-sharing.

Melbourne expects a public transport market share of 11.6% by the year 2021, and averages with a yearly investment of about 2.36 billion EUR in the sector.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a major port city in Northern Germany. Along with its historical city centre, beautiful architecture and river-streaked landscape, Hamburg offers its inhabitants a well-established public transport and urban mobility system.

With a population of over 5 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, Hamburg also offers several modes of transportation in the city: metro, suburban rail, bus, waterborne, car-sharing and bike-sharing. Roughly 751 million public transport passengers are recorded per year.

Hamburg expects a public transport market share of 20% by 2021, with an average investment made in the sector at 172.5 million EUR per year.

The 2019 Global Public Transport Summit will take place in Stockholm, Sweden. See you there!

Stay tuned to find out where we will be in 2021!

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