Invitation to join the E-LOBSTER Stakeholders Group

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E-LOBSTER, the EU-funded research project that aims to reduce energy losses in railway and electricity distribution networks, is looking for members to join its Stakeholders Groups.

Kicking off in summer 2018, E-LOBSTER seeks to reduce energy losses in European power distribution networks and light-railway networks by creating synergies between these networks and between charging stations for electric vehicles through the development of an innovative Railway to Grid Management System.

This system will maximise the use of local renewable energy sources and makes electricity distribution networks and electrified transport networks interact with each other.

UITP is a leading partner of the E-LOBSTER project together with eight other consortium members, with Rina Consulting acting as coordinator.

Two separate Stakeholders Groups will be organised by UITP. The first meeting, taking place on 20 November 2019 in Madrid, will gather electrified public transport stakeholders, while the second meeting, planned for the 3rd quarter of 2020, will join electrical distribution networks operators and technology providers. Each group will meet once, and at the end of the project one joint meeting will be organised to discuss common issues, and experience the project solutions demonstrated in Metro de Madrid sub-station.

The main objective of the Stakeholders Groups is to discuss specific research and technical results of the E-LOBSTER system and exchange feedback and opportunities. Through the Stakeholder Groups contribution, the consortium will be able to make assessments to widen its results, adapting them better to the needs of public transport operators and other industrial players.

More information about the project can be found in the info sheet.

We actively encourage public transport and network operators interested in the E-LOBSTER project to join the Stakeholder Group! If you are interested or want more information, please contact Project Manager Efe Usanmaz (

E-LOBSTER recently released its official project video, check it out here!

E-LOBSTER is one of the projects presented at the International Bus Conference, 21-23 October in Brussels. Register by 3 September 2019 to get the Early Bird Conference pass!

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