IT-TRANS 2020: the next milestone in your company’s digital transformation

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Digitalisation has completely changed the way we think and the way we move. Public transport must stay ahead of the trends and ensure we harness the potential of digitalisation to better serve the needs of customers.

IT-TRANS is the leading conference where the sector meets to exchange, discuss and invent IT solutions, and to drill down into the issues such as artificial intelligence, autonomous mobility, mobile ticketing, on-demand mobility and so on, which are redefining the mobility landscape.

Discover some of the key topics in the 2020 programme:

Digital transformation

Digitalisation is impacting the regular functions of traditional public transport services, including daily operations and maintenance, human resources, planning and scheduling, and passenger information. Many organisations around the world are embracing digital transformation to improve the service delivery and ridership. At IT-TRANS, learn about the rising use of new technologies such as virtual assistant, mobile ticketing, 3D printing, automated depots, and customer service bots.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing the business of every industry and have even begun to have an impact on our daily life. Public transport agents can use AI and IoT to simplify tasks and improve performance, ranging from customer service to operational excellence. With the increase use of AI and IoT, what are the opportunities and threats? UITP published a report on Artificial Intelligence in Mass Public Transport in January 2019 to demystify AI and raise awareness in the sector by providing an analysis of the current landscape. 

On-demand and shared mobility

Demand-responsive transport services have been around for quite some time. The recent developments in communication and sensor technology have allowed such services to grow substantially in urban, suburban and rural areas. Many operators and authorities from around the world are developing on-demand ride-sharing schemes which vary greatly amongst themselves. They involve many different types of mobility actors, and take on various forms.

Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is about offering a complete mobility solution and taking away the hassle of finding the most suitable mobility option. Whether through public transport or a third-party integrator, in order to run an efficient MaaS solution, all mobility services need to see the business benefits to join an integrated offer. In May 2019, UITP released a Policy Brief and extensive Report, Ready for MaaS? Accelerating easier mobility for citizens and better data for cities, which shares case studies and provides insights into the opportunity and measures that should be taken for the successful implementation.

Ticketing and payment

Ticketing and payment technologies have evolved over the past few years and the choice of technology is becoming more and more complex. There are options such as closed-loop vs open-loop, card-centric vs system-centric, prepaid vs post-paid, account-based ticketing, open payment, SIM-centric mobile ticketing, Secure Element, HCE, interoperability, multiservice, beacons, NFC, QR code…the list goes on. IT-TRANS will seek to define the future of ticketing, allowing attendees to make the right choices.

Data ownership and governance

The sheer amount of data produced by mobility services and transit agencies can help us plan and optimise mobility solutions. Many transport organisations are now routinely providing datasets that enable application developers to provide new information services for mobile devices. However, with the rapid expansion of data economy, there are some emerging issues like who should create new standards? How should data be regulated, and by whom?

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn, share and discuss all of this and more at IT-TRANS in Karlsruhe, Germany, from 3-5 March 2020!

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