Mobility Champions are rising

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Public transport is at a turning point. The urbanisation process is drastically increasing the demand for effective mobility solutions, new digital players are pushing the boundaries of innovation and local decision makers are taking concrete actions to tackle climate change.  These major changes are having significant impacts on the development and planning of our cities.

As the urban environment is becoming more complex, opportunities are rising to meet the important challenges that cities are facing, such as inclusion, competitiveness and sustainability. Public transport actors have always been dedicated in addressing these urban needs, providing local decision makers with effective and environment friendly mobility solutions to meet passengers’ expectations.

Today UITP has concretely translated this dedication into actions, as it signed an important Global Strategic Partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the world’s most important network of local and regional governments.

This partnership will strengthen an already well-established collaboration between our two organisations by, among others, advancing the sustainable urban agenda through policy building, advocacy actions, best practice dissemination, project development, capacity building and peer learning.

It will also mark the launch of the new Mobility Champions Community. Already supported by several Mayors from around the world, including Mr Roland Ries, Mayor of Strasbourg and Mr Anies Baswedan, Governor of Jakarta. This community will offer support for local leaders in their journey to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These Champions from all across the world are rising to the challenges. They are joining their voices, experiences and actions to build cities urban-dwellers want. By joining the Community, the Champions are acknowledging that planned mobility and a dynamic collaboration with public transport actors are key to achieve this objective.

More joint actions will follow the launch of the community, as this partnership will be the beginning of many other activities, programmes and projects between the two organisations.

New challenges are forcing Mayors from across the world to rethink the way our current urban environments operate and with the signature of the Strategic Global Partnership, UITP and ULCG are offering local governments and public transport actors a solid platform to reach the SDGs and the Implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

Follow us to learn more about the Champions Community and the next steps of our new partnership with ULCG!

Learn more about the Mobility Champions Community here!

Read the official press release on our partnership with UCLG here!

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