New Diploma Programmes on Bus and New Mobility Services

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The UITP Centre for Training is launching two new Diploma Programmes in complement to the successful Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport. These are new and innovative products that allow participants to attend multiple programmes and e-learning sessions on bus topics or New Mobility Services.

The Bus Diploma Programme includes participation in three mandatory courses on bus topics, one elective course to choose from selected topics as well as e-learning sessions.

The three mandatory courses can be chosen from:  

Registration is open until 30 April. More information can be found here.

The Diploma Programme on New Mobility Services includes participation in three mandatory courses on New Mobility Services and one elective course to choose from selected topics as well as e-learning sessions.

The three mandatory courses are:

Registration is open until 20 May. More information can be found here.

Read what some of our graduates from other UITP Diploma training programmes have said about their experience: 

"This course gives a thorough understanding of the many aspects of public transport and illustrates how innovation and collaboration can deliver a successful public transport system."
(Catherine Sturgeon, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (2016-2017 edition))

"An in-depth training of what Public Tranport is, in all its management aspects. And explained with concrete best practices and examples from the best PT networks in the world. Lots of fruitful experience exchanges with training class."
(Robert Fontaine, Corporate Planning & Reporting Manager, STIB-MIVB Brussel, Belgium (2016-2017 edition))

"I've enjoyed this Programme a lot, because I have open my mind for other transport systems around the world, and learned a lot about different stakeholders".
(Montserrat Andújar, Transport Engineer, CRTM, Spain (2016-2017 edition))

“This course gives you the opportunity to network with international peers and learn from their best practices. It's an environment to acquire a helicopter view over the most common challenges in urban mobility during extended collaborative workshops in order to improve your operations from a customer satisfaction point of view. I would highly recommend the programme to all potentials in public transport."
(Hans Vanelderen, Director Movement Metro - Business Unit Metro Operations, STIB-MIVB Brussels, Belgium (2016-2017 edition))

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