New mobility landscape: let's keep some perspective

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UITP Secretary General, Alain Flausch, praised the benefits of new mobility players but called on the sector to appraise their potential impact with objectivity in a speech given yesterday (April 7) in Montreal.

UITP’s Secretary General was in Montreal to talk about the changing urban mobility landscape at an event hosted by CORIM (the Montreal Council on Foreign Relations) and the local hosts of the upcoming Global Public Transport Summit, AMT and STM.

Mr. Flausch extolled the potential benefits that the emerging services (such as car- and bike-sharing, ride-sharing and ride-selling) can have for urban mobility, for example to better match supply to demand, to help reduce car dependency and to provide first and last mile solutions.

However, a key issue in cities remains space, or more precisely, the lack of it. For areas and corridors with high demand for mobility, high capacity public transport is and will remain the only viable solution. A complementary mobility offer may help alleviate peak-time excess demand but cannot replace the backbone public transport network. To put this in perspective, whilst Uber has had 1 billion passengers in five years, public transport carries 1.2 billion passengers per day.

The visit to Montreal was also the occasion for the Global Public Transport Summit Honorary Committee to meet. The Committee, which brings together the event partners, city officials, UITP members and leading lights from the local tourism and hotel industries, met to discuss the ongoing preparations for the Summit.  

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