One Planet, One Plan: UITP provides a solution to the climate crisis

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Emergency. Crisis. Urgency.

Three words that should draw attention no matter what the subject.

But when they’re attached to the words Environment, Climate and Global they should demand action from us all.

The planet is facing a climate crisis. You’ve heard this before. In the same way you’re aware that we need to act now. Many different people, from many different walks of life are looking for solutions to the emergency the world is facing. It will only be through collective thinking that we determine the road ahead. 

Public transport plays a crucial role in helping to fight local air pollution and climate change.

We know this. Global leaders and decision makers also know this, so alongside our international membership we’re stepping up to say we need to act now. And to those who can make the most difference we ask…what’s your plan?

Cities have proven time and again that when restricting private cars, local emissions can be reduced by 50%.  You cannot successfully fight climate change, or reach national targets, without addressing local emissions at the same time.

In 2020, when national governments are expected to resubmit new climate action plans, there should be no exception: public transport MUST appear on EVERY plan.

If decision makers are serious about tackling air pollution and climate change, UITP has a plan for them with our detailed Climate Action Manifesto encouraging a modal shift to public transport and sustainable urban mobility modes.

Our four-step plan prioritises public transport use to combat emission levels and reduce local air pollution. These solutions are at hand, and must be implemented to keep our cities breathable.

We will be active during events, online, in the news and in person, spreading the word on what needs to be done – and working with our members and decision makers to say loud and proud…public transport is on our doorsteps, and ready to do its part.

This month, UITP will be participating in EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (Brussels, 16-22 September 2019) where we will officially launch our Climate Campaign by engaging with key decision makers to bring our plans to their attention.

We will then continue our advocacy outreach when we participate in the World Car Free Day Summit (London, 20-21 September 2019) alongside global leaders committed to a more efficient, equitable and productive urban land use.

Across the next four months, up until our involvement in the transportation thematic days during COP25, as official partners with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Santiago, 2-14 December 2019), we will focus on climate action.

In addition, in order to do their part, more than 40 public transport organisation executives from 23 countries pledged their support during our recent Public Transport Leader’s Forum (Barcelona, 6 September 2019) Read their pledge to fight against climate change now

Decision makers need to act now. UITP and our membership can lead from the front…

We only have one planet, and we only need one planso what are you waiting for?

Read our full Climate Manifesto & join us!

Read more in our official press release



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