Organisation and major players of short-distance public transport

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Officially published today by UITP Europe, the new edition of our publication entitled “Organisation and major players of short-distance public transport” revises, updates and completes the previous handbook to reflect national developments which have occurred recently.

The 160-page report describes the public transport sector in 23 EU Member States and Serbia, providing details on the institutional organisation, legal framework and market structure together with key statistics. It also highlights recent changes attributable to the application of the EU Regulation on the award of public service contracts. The intention is to provide sufficient information to allow readers to understand the direction in which public transport is moving in the different countries.

The final section examines the impact of increasing liberalisation on public transport operations in Europe, notably the consolidation of private or publicly-owned operators competing for concessions and the emergence of a number of European and international players. A useful map shows where the transport groups are active in Europe.

Official release date : 12 January 2015
Publication format : Electronic [PDF] only, suitable for individual printing
Full price : €200
UITP Members : €100
Publisher : UITP Europe, Rue Sainte-Marie 6, B-1080 Brussels, Belgium

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