Over 300 EU decision makers place #MobilityOnTop!

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In February, in light of the upcoming EU elections, UITP launched a Manifesto calling for all forthcoming EU decision makers to put Mobility on Top of their agenda for the next five years. UITP pledged politicians and public transport stakeholders to recognise the major role public transport plays in our lives and cities, and actively support the campaign. The Manifesto has been open for signatures on a #MobilityOnTop website.

Just over one month after the elections, we can say that the campaign has been a great success! UITP has received more than 300 signatures: 36 of them are from members of the European parliament, 78 were candidates to the EU elections, and 25 are other political representatives, making a total of 139 EU decision makers. The rest of the signatories are representatives of public transport stakeholders from all over Europe.

UITP will keep putting mobility on the minds of EU decision makers: the Manifesto is still open for signatures. UITP will approach the elected candidates to present our priorities.

The campaign will run until the end of the year. UITP will use the platform to promote our objectives for the next legislature, and other actions are being prepared - Stay tuned!

“With our MobilityOnTop campaign, we are asking the EU decision makers to make urban mobility a key priority to achieve EU ambitions in terms of inclusion, innovation, employment, clean air and mitigating climate change. We are happy our campaign received the support of more than 100 political representatives. We are looking forward to collaborating with them and other EU decision makers to translate our objectives as stated in the Manifesto into concrete actions to help improve mobility in European cities and the quality of European citizens’ daily life", said Thomas Avanzata, UITP Europe Senior Director. 

Read the Mobility Manifesto here!

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