Paving the way towards a European electromobility system

The 3rd e-Mobility Stakeholder Forum, from the left: Matthew Noon, FREVUE Coordinator, Umberto Guida, ZeEUS Coordinator, Heike Barlag, Green eMotion Coordinator, Magda Kopczynska, the head of Directorate on Innovative & Sustainable Mobility in the European Commission DG MOVE , Robert Stussi, Moderator

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On 25 and 26 Februay 2015 the three flagship electromobility projects of the European Commission, Green eMotion, FREVUE and ZeEUS hosted the European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. It was the 3rd edition of this event and welcomed more than 200 European electromobility experts and representatives from industry, regional, national and European public authorities, transport agencies, utilities, research institutes and academia participate. With a combination of high level round tables and parallel workshops, attendees learnt about the developments of electromobility in Europe. Nine cross-cutting workshops served as a platform to share and exchange knowledge on operational, technical and policy-related aspects of electric vehicles.

While opening the Forum, Mrs. Magda Kopczynska, the head of Directorate on Innovative & Sustainable Mobility in the European Commission DG MOVE, mentioned that: “Electromobility is a promising technology also because it is at the cross-roads with our energy system and our digital market. We have to work on those three aspects: mobility, energy and digital to make it happen.”

Mr. Umberto Guida, EU Projects Director at UITP and Coordinator of the ZeEUS project summarized the event with these words:

This is a great opportunity to create synergies between different sectors working on electromobility. Transport decarbonisation is essential to build competitive cities where people, businesses and culture can thrive and we strongly believe that electromobility, in combination with modal shift and traffic management measures, is part of the winning recipe towards a zero-carbon urban mobility in Europe.

Mr. Umberto Guida also announced that more 60 cities have expressed their will to participate in ZeEUS Observatory and this action will be launched very soon.

If you wish to obtained more detailed information about the Observatory or the European Electromobility Stakeholder Forum, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Umberto Guida

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