Public transport and business: empowering our cities with CEO Forum

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The second CEO Forum bringing together the leadership of public transport organisations and the Chamber of Commerce of major global cities is due to take place in Brussels (24 – 25 January, 2018).

The CEO Forum – featuring Mike Brown, MVO, Commissioner of Transport for London, Oliver Willocx, Chief Executive of the Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry and Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General – aims to strengthen the relationship between public transport and business in our cities. The 2018 Forum will see the gathering of around 50 industry leaders from around the world focus on the mutual benefits of close collaboration and the joint case for better urban policies. The event will encourage fruitful exchanges and closer collaboration, challenges and policies going forward.

During the session, discussions will be held on sourcing of public transport funding for cities; the New Urban Agenda in the context of public transport infrastructures and services sustainability, challenges for liveable big metropolitan areas and mega-cities and working towards an action plan for strengthening collaboration. This will include a working group, integration in UITP working priorities and next steps – plus joint recommendations in a Policy Brief.

The event will focus on the mutual benefits of closer collaboration, the various sources of funding, the challenges in the context of the New Urban Agenda and the joint case for better urban policies. For each theme, good practice case studies will be presented, followed by a moderated discussion between participants. The objective is to agree on an Action Plan to enable public transport and business organisations across the world to work together, and to develop a Joint Policy Brief with which to make the case for sustainable investment and long-term mobility strategies in our cities. 

UITP President Pere Calvet will deliver the welcome speech (Wed 24 January) for the two-day event that will conclude with a wrap-up speech by UITP Director of Advocacy and Outreach Dionisio Gonzalez (Thurs 25 January).

The Forum is jointly organised by UITP and Transport for London and hosted by the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Alliance of European Metropolitan CCI and will be held at Cercle de Lorraine in Brussels. This year’s event is also in collaboration with the ZeEUS project – Zero Emission Urban Bus System – bringing electromobility and decarbonisation to the heart of the debate in our cities.

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