Public transport contributes to clean and sustainable urban mobility: UITP responds to EU Recovery Package

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During the past few months, our European Department has worked with our members, company CEOs, city representatives and numerous other bodies and associations to advocate for the role of public transport during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

In our series of Open Letters we have carefully laid out the economic, environmental and societal reasons for a strong public transport network in the lives of our cities – and that this essential service must be included in any and all recovery package and exit strategy from the European institutions.

Now, as the European Union issues the European Recovery Package, UITP is responding to the announcement.

UITP is pleased to see that the Commission’s strategy is strongly aligned with the European Green Deal.

European investments should always be forward looking and support the climate, environmental and digitalisation objectives.

In the field of urban and suburban mobility, this means a much stronger focus on public transport and active mobility.

“The EU Recovery Package provides a good signal for the next stages and is a step in the right direction. It opens doors to enable the sector to recover, however it needs to be clearer and more ambitious when it comes to public transport. The Recovery Package needs to be more specific in what support there will be for local mass transit and public transport In order for our cities to thrive post pandemic…”
said Thomas Avanzata, UITP Europe Senior Director

It is crucial that public transport not only gains from the Recovery Package and grows in the future, but that we ensure our cities build back better to become even more resilient and sustainable.

UITP welcomes that the Commission’s communication recognises the need for a shift to clean urban mobility, while stressing that public transport is the most sustainable transport option alongside walking and cycling.

Read our official Statement in response to the EU Recovery Package


Visit our dedicated UITP Europe page to see our series of outreach to the European institutions

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