Reclaim your city: Car-free days planned for European Mobility Week

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The 2017 edition of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK promises to highlight “clean, shared and intelligent mobility”, focusing on smart technology, combined mobility, and ride-sharing.

Participating cities pledge to organise events or implement permanent sustainable transport measures, and with 2319 towns and cities across the world already registered, the week promises to be full of exciting initiatives.

Power to pedestrians

One of the defining events of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is the ‘car-free day’, where cities close one or more roads off to vehicular traffic, and instead open them up to pedestrians, cyclists and public transport. Cities may opt to schedule this day on World Carfree Day, the 22nd of September, but are not obliged.

Luxembourg plans nation-wide effort

Proving its commitment to sustainable mobility, Luxembourg has planned nine car-free days in cities and towns across the country, kicking off Sunday the 17th in the capital. The small country faces growing congestion problems: the 2016 EU Transport Scoreboard reports that drivers in Luxembourg spend an average of 32.21 hours a year in traffic jams, one of the worst rates of road congestion in the EU.

Sweden eyes mobility award for second year in a row

The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award is presented to the local authority that is judged to have done the most to raise awareness of sustainable mobility during the week.

To be eligible, cities or towns must meet three criteria: 1) hold a week of activities relating to sustainable urban mobility; 2) implement permanent measures contributing to people swapping cars for environmentally-sound transport; and 3) holding a Car-Free Day.

Malmö won the 2016 EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award for its efforts at promoting cycling and prioritising pedestrian zones. This year Sweden looks to repeat the honour with 51 participating cities, including 11 car-free days. Sweden’s capital city, Stockholm, is also the location of the 2019 Global Public Transport Summit.

For individuals or organisations looking to get involved, consider registering a MOBILITYACTION. Join 561 initiatives from 40 different countries and promote a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture!

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