A remarkable renaissance: the global landscape of tram and light rail

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The public transport sector is living through a special time for light rail and tram systems, as almost 15 million passengers in 2018 contribute towards the remarkable renaissance of LRT.

These exciting new developments and achievements are marking a new level of success for trams and light rail and delivering the perfect time for UITP to detail this evolution with The Global Tram and Light Rail Landscape Statistics Brief.

Providing an informed review of the evolution of LRT since 2015, alongside a snapshot of the situation in 2018, the most recent full year in review, we’re updating the sector with stand-out statistics and points of consideration for what is to come.

LRT has seen a steady increase since the millennium, with 109 new cities opening or reopening their first line.

This week rail was also the hot topic of discussion during the International Rail Forum for North America, held in collaboration with CUTA, in Calgary, Canada (10-13 November 2019).

The 2019 edition of the International Rail Forum for North America consisted of the CUTA Annual Conference and Transit Show and the UITP International Rail Forum, as well as UITP’s Light Rail Committee Meeting.

With a programme rich in distinguished international rail executives, a great deal of experience and knowledge was shared with peers in North America.

Attendees had the opportunity to attend the transit show, seminars, technical tours and familiarise themselves with the Calgary LRT system – with North America featuring in detail in the Global LRT Statistics Brief.

So what’s next for LRT around the world?

Over 1,000km of green-field LRT projects are expected to open for revenue service in the next three years, making the discussion over tram systems and light rail more important than ever.

UITP will be keeping focus on that global landscape by following up this worldwide view with a focus on LRT in Europe as the Light Rail and Tram: A European Outlook Statistics Brief is published next week. Don’t miss the European focus!



Find out more about UITP in North America on the dedicated site!

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