Research project E-LOBSTER looks to reduce energy losses

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UITP is happy to announce that the EU-funded research project E-LOBSTER is currently going at full speed! Seeing its kick-off this summer 2018 and continuing until 2021, E-LOBSTER seeks to reduce energy losses in European power distribution networks and light-railway networks. UITP is a leading partner of this project together with eight other consortium members, with Rina Consulting acting as coordinator. 

European electricity distribution networks (networks that deliver power to industrial, commercial and domestic users) and light-railway networks (networks that deliver power to light rail such as tram and metro) present common issues: both have been developed as independent networks relying on consistent and reliable power supplies. However, with the increased use of renewable energy sources, new challenges need to be addressed. Both networks are now looking at integrated solutions that will reduce energy losses, increase the stability of the electricity network (the grid) and accommodate the needs of local electrical storage, prosumers, and new energy actors such as electric vehicles.

E-LOBSTER intends to capture the potential of creating synergies between these two networks through the development of an innovative, economically viable and easily replicable electric Transport-Grid Inter-Connection System. This system will be able to reduce energy losses by maximising the use of local renewable energy sources and making electricity distribution networks and electrified transport networks interact with each other.

Technical coordinator Dr Pietro Tricoli from the University of Birmingham: “I am delighted to be the technical coordinator of this research project that will use power electronics and energy storage as key technologies to deliver a major step forward to the management of energy exchange between power distribution grids and electric railways. The team includes excellent partners from Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, with a broad range of technical expertise.”

Project coordinator Giannicola Loriga from RINA: “We are really proud to coordinate such an ambitious project providing efficient technologies for advanced power electronics, energy storage and energy management for both electricity distribution grids and electrified transport networks. The project will have a relevant impact on the growth of the participating organisations, who will be able to deliver competitive products and services on the market in four to five years after completion of the project.”

For more information about the project, check out the new E-LOBSTER website.

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