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Transport & Urban Life

Reshaping our societies with an innovative spirit: Enter HACK COVID-19

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As the impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus is being felt across the globe, we’re asking ourselves more and more…how can we stay together?

How can we make sure that this battle is won without losing our sense of connection?

The unfolding situation is affecting not only the health of individuals, but also the operation of organisations across many sectors. We’ll also see the impact on the cohesion of communities, serious financial disruption, and many knock-on implications.

At Y4PT, they’re committed to limiting the negative loss of our communities by creating a sense of cohesion – and making sure we use this difficult situation to reshape our societies.

Enter ‘HACK COVID19 and Reshape Societies’

With the launch of the HACK COVID-19, Y4PT has instigated an online problem-solving call for tackling the current pandemic in transport and other related sectors.

This is an open call for creative ideas and innovations with the very best projects moving forward to participate in the #Y4PThackathon2021.

By now you’ll be familiar with the worldwide Hackathons created and hosted across the globe by Y4PT. Bringing young people together to create, innovate and respond to our future.

Right now, that future may look somewhat uncertain, so it’s important to showcase the very best of ourselves during this time.

What is this new Y4PT Hack?

Due to the current health situation around the world, everyone is seeing that extra touch of humanity – and everyone can step forward to help. Y4PT is working to organise a global online event sharing the vision that we can all help, no matter who we are, or what we do.

Now seems like the perfect time to organise such a global online event (we’re pretty much all at home, right?) to share ideas, helpful advice and creative tips to keep society moving forward.

Hack COVID-19 and Reshape Societies’ will bring together our people – young and professionals alike – from all over the world to create innovation.

With the Y4PT COVID19 Hack, their dedicated community will collaborate in generating ideas, prototypes, intentions and skill-sharing in areas such as transport, health, social, logistics, economics and more – all with the hope of creating solutions to this crisis.

How can I get involved?
What kind of ideas should I submit?
When will I hear back?
Why now?

More information can be found on the dedicated Y4PT site.

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