A step in the right direction for sustainable mobility

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In Washington D.C., 10 January 2018, UITP and the World Bank Group among other global associations, met together with around 50 other leading organisations in the World Bank Atrium at the SuM4All (Sustainable Mobility for All) booth to attend the signature ceremony of the newly unveiled SuM4All Charter.

This ceremony took place at the conclusion of the 4th Consortium Meeting and helps formalise the membership process of the SuM4All initiative.

Laura Tuck, Vice President of Sustainable Development for the World Bank, signed the Charter on behalf of the World Bank. On behalf of UITP, Mohamed Mezghani, Secretary General, signed the Charter.

As a founding member of the SuM4All initiative, UITP commits to a vision for mobility that is equitable, efficient, safe and green, with a cross-cutting gender balance approach. These values are intrinsic to UITP and we are happy to pursue this vision alongside fellow global leaders in the transport sector.

After the release of the first ever Global Mobility Report—the results of which urge the global transport sector to come together even more to promote public transport and fight climate change— we confirm our commitment to speak with one global voice and act collectively to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

Read the full Global Mobility Report here!

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