'The Story of the Bus' reaches its final stop as the sector embarks for UITP International Bus Conference

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Did you miss the statement from our Bus Transport Unit Leader Arno Kerkhof when he told the press that the global bus sector had been resurrected?

Well the very latest technological and energy advancements have parked the bus at the very heart of the public transport conversation…

In order to bring that focus to the bus industry, UITP decided to focus an entire season’s worth of attention to the bus as we approached our 2019 International Bus Conference.

It was important that we could lead on updating the urban mobility sector with the latest bus-related developments, and alongside our global membership we did just that!

Many of the advancements being made around the bus are being implemented by our members right across the globe.

With a 100 day countdown set, we made key stops along the way to mark the release of four publications providing the latest and important updates on global bus statistics, bus rapid transit (BRT), the trolleybus and in-motion charging and the impact electric buses make on urban life.

With the UITP unit dedicated to bus transport making its mark, we knew this year’s edition of the International Bus Conference would be special…

And last week we reached our final stop in “The Story of the Bus” when the sector embarked in Brussels for the 2019 edition…and this year’s edition was bigger than ever before with 500 participants taking part in the event!

Due to the success of the first International Bus Conference, held in conjunction with Busworld Europe (Kortrijk, 23-25 October 2017), UITP once again teamed up with Busworld for the 2019 edition, the largest edition yet – and held in Brussels for the first time.

In 2016, UITP entered in to a strategic partnership with Busworld to join forces and bring the biggest the event dedicated to the bus to the world, and last October we were pleased to commit to extending that partnership in a special signing ceremony in Brussels.

The bus sector has developed at great speed over the last two years and these exciting changes featured as a red thread throughout our three-day programme.

Our Conference programme contained parallel sessions, UITP stand presentations, immersion experiences featuring a wide selection of our pioneering European research projects, guided tours and our opening plenary sessions featuring notable speakers from all over the world.

Our Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani opened our Conference sessions with an update on UITP’s activities – including our well-received global climate action 'One Planet, One Plan' campaign - and a warm welcome to our notable speakers including Elke Van Den Brandt, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region for Mobility, Public Works and Road Safety.

Minister Van Den Brandt delivered a passionate speech about the role of public transport in the Belgian capital: proclaiming that in her city mobility must always be thought of for the people.

You can catch up on a selection of quotes from many of our session speakers in our social media thread!

In the weeks leading up to our Monday 21 October kick-off we introduced you to a selection of our international speakers in the latest edition of our Speaker Series Q&As, where we met the men and women making waves in the sector – before our audience heard from them directly at the Conference…You can catch up here!

2019 has proven to be an impressive edition and a fruitful collaboration…a huge thank you the UITP team and our friends at Busworld!

Read our official press release concluding the 2019 edition of the International Bus Conference - with new exhibition statistics from Busworld!

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