The Story of the Bus: UITP arrives at milestone with BRT report

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It’s time to continue UITP’s ‘Story of the Bus’, where we have reached the third stop with the newly released BRT report!

How can cities integrate Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems? This is the main question in the UITP report ‘Transforming Cities with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems: how to Integrate BRT?’.

BRT systems include roadways that are dedicated to buses only and give priority to buses at intersections where they meet other traffic. They aim to combine the speed and capacity of metros with the flexibility and low costs of bus.

UITP acknowledges that BRT is one of the biggest innovations the bus domain has ever seen because of the transformative effect they can have on cities in terms of congestion and air pollution. Today, there are 190 BRT systems in operation across the world.

Produced in collaboration with the Volvo Research and Education Foundations (VREF) and BRT+ Centre of Excellence (CoE), the BRT report centres around the notion that there isn’t one magic formula to integrate BRT systems into the public transport network, but that implementation practice heavily depends on local conditions. Through the detailed analysis of 10 case studies from around the world, the report is a UITP’s first in providing a comprehensive overview of BRT systems across the globe.

With this report, we are proving that such partnership as the one UITP has developed with VREF can generate solid knowledge in the domain of urban mobility, helping to reach the Sustainable Development Goals all around the world”, said President Pere Calvet.

While BRT systems are seen as a rising trend in emerging economies and in particular in Latin America and Asia, UITP acknowledges that many other parts of the world are also interested in BRT projects. There regions are Africa, North America, the MENA region, China, and Turkey, among others. Moreover, new technologies such as automation and electrification of public transport can bring innovation in BRT systems and shape the future of BRT services.

Therefore, UITP is currently working on the new global BRTv2.0 project, which will involve all UITP regions and will further improve knowledge on BRT. Furthermore, it will develop a new concept of BRT systems taking into account developments such as electrification, automation, and connectivity.

Read the full BRT Report!

The report is also available in French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Currently, UITP is working on the composition of the core and local working groups for the BRT v2.0 project. Please contact Efe Usanmaz if you want to become a member of the working groups and see attached presentation for more information!

The BRT report is one of the main stops on UITP’s journey “The Story of the Bus” - join our trip as we get ‘busy with the bus’ by unveiling key sector publications and project news all the way to the International Bus Conference (Brussels, 21-23 October 2019)!

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