Taking 2017 in our stride, UITP looks back with pride

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What a year 2017 has been. We wish you all a happy New Year and look forward to 2018!

As the previous 12 months draw to a close, however, UITP is taking a quick trip down memory lane to revisit our top 10 stories of the year

10. Dockless bike sharing

Bringing up the rear in tenth place are dockless bikes. They’re gaining ground across Brussels – and doing the same in our newsroom. “Dockless Bike sharing: ‘wheely’ good idea or public nuisance?” is our tenth most read story of the year with 1,139 page views. Interestingly, dockless bikes hold the attention of our readers more than all others – with an average of 4m36s spent reading. Fancy joining the club? Read our position paper now!

9. UITP SORT brochure

In ninth place is the “UITP SORT brochure: new addendum on electric buses”. It seems electric is the way to go this year. The SORT project ('Standardised On-Road Test cycles'), an initiative of the UITP Bus Committee, first aimed at providing the bus sector with a standardised means of comparing the energy consumption of different buses. This project clearly captured a lot of interest. Missed out? Don’t worry! Catch up now.

8. Mohamed Mezghani appointed new Secretary General

The news that our Deputy Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani would be taking over from departing Secretary General Alain Flausch may have only hit the headlines in October, but that was all it took to jump straight in at number eight. “Mohamed Mezghani appointed as new UITP Secretary General” Consisting of a news article and an official press release Mohamed’s appointment gathered almost 1,500 views by the end of November. A sign of good things to come from our new Sec Gen!

7. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in Hannover

Coming in at number seven is a story with a difference…”World’s first example of mobility as a service now live in Hannover”…news from March 2016 still riding high in our readership stats! Such a popular news item that views continued all the way through 2017. Great references and a great hook shows that the when it comes to MaaS, our readers are always on point.

6. See you in Stockholm 2019!

News that the UITP Executive Board had decided the location for the 2019 Global Public Transport Summit was met with interest in our newsroom: Sweden was the destination and Stockholm the place to be. This is the largest event in public transport, gathering all transport modes, industry, authorities and operators, as well as exhibitors from all over the world. The local host for the event will be SL, Stockholm public transport authority. We’re sure this news will continue to be followed right up to 2019, and perhaps climb higher than sixth place next year.

5. MaaS Finland

MaaS makes another appearance in our top ten, this time at number five with “Mobility as a service: an alternative to owning a car”. This story detailed how mobility in Finland would look slightly different by 2017 following the launch of the world’s first Mobility as a Service company, MaaS Finland. Keen to know how far this has developed? Wonder no more…

4. Free-floating car sharing

We’re heading towards the top spot…but before we break in to the top three we have a story at number four from Spring 2015 still gaining clicks in our newsroom. It seems car sharing is always of interest to our readers: “Free-floating car sharing: a flexible alternative to the private car?” Detailing how new mobility solutions are emerging in many cities, we discussed how car shaing first appeared in Europe in the 1970s and that the debate on car/ride sharing is as topical as ever. With the emergence of free-floating schemes, are we witnessing the beginning of the end for urban private car ownership? Share your thoughts…

3. Economics of public transport

We’ve entered the top 3…and the news gaining interest from our readers in third place is on the economics of public transport. A monthly focus article detailing cities as the powerhouses of the economy, concentrating 80 per cent of world economic output and more than 50 per cent of the world’s inhabitants. Whilst the social advantages of public transport are well known, the economic benefits, particularly for cities, are less well documented. So our newsroom decided to detail this further.

2. ZeEUS eBus Report

The number two article in our list brings us back to electric. This time thanks to ZeEUS: “The future is electric”. More and more cities in Europe and around the world are turning to electric buses (or ‘e-buses’) in an effort to go green, according to the extensive ZeEUS eBus Report. The report, published as part of the Zero Emission Urban Bus System project, reveals that 19 public transport operators and authorities, covering around 25 European cities, have a published e-bus strategy for 2020. By this date, there should be more than 2,500 electric buses operating in these cities, representing 6 per cent of their total fleet of 40,000. The first report so well received that a second report has just been published. We’re sure this report will arrive in our ten top next year!

1. Autonomous Vehicles

Coming in at number one on our list is a subject matter that always gains interest: “Autonomous Vehicles: A Potential Game Changer for Urban Mobility”. One of UITP’s Policy Brief papers from the very start of the year, we discussed the estimations that fully autonomous cars would be available in the early 2020s. Their arrival represents a unique chance for a fundamental change in urban mobility and could lead to creating more healthy, competitive and greener cities. This is possible if public authorities and public transport companies take an active role and integrate autonomous vehicles (AVs) into an effective public transport network. Autonomous vehicles aren’t just driving the debate on urban mobility – they’re also driving the traffic in our newsroom. Our policy brief is not to be missed – and with almost 3,000 views we invite you to jump on board now.

So there you have it – the 10 most read stories from UITP in 2017!
Our newsroom itself is in fact ‘the most viewed’ source with over 12,500 page views during the year.

We wish you a happy holiday and a joyful New Year.

Please note that the UITP headquarters in Brussels will be closed from 23 December 2017 to 01 January 2018 included. 

Join us in 2018 for even more news, releases, position papers and events!


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