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The City of Karlsruhe: invite the innovation

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data
  • MaaS

We’re heading to Karlsruhe for IT-TRANS… discover the city of innovation!

When UITP arrives in Karlsruhe, Germany for IT-TRANS (3-5 March, 2020) it will be the seventh edition of the event dedicated to the future of public transport.

It’s always been important for UITP to stay ahead of the curve…and when it came to hosting an event focusing on the digital progression of urban mobility, arriving in Karlsruhe for a partnership with Messe Karlsruhe was the natural choice.

As the home of IT companies, research facilities and the leading Institute of Technology, the city is a major technological and scientific hub. Karlsruhe is the city of innovation.

The bicycle, the periodic table of elements, the electromagnetic wave, the Braun tube, the chipboard and the mobile web browser…all of these inventions and discoveries were born in this centre of creativity.

Perhaps the very latest digital development will be presented at IT-TRANS…and as the place that discovers change, it’s the perfect home for our event.

“A high density of researchers and good networking with scientists make Karlsruhe one of Europe’s most innovative cities, with approximately forty new patents registered each year.”
Messe Karlsruhe

So what’s the narrative on IT-TRANS in the city where so much history has been made?

Since 2008, IT-TRANS has offered a global platform for innovators and decision makers, thinkers and risk-takers, to foster the digitalisation of urban mobility and to present and learn about the most recent technological innovations.

The digital revolution has long arrived in public transport and the sector has changed a great deal in the past decade.

Many of the options now available at our fingertips were either in development stage when IT-TRANS began, or still a twinkle in the eye of the creator with a focus on the future.

As technology is constantly accelerating, IT-TRANS remains at the forefront of digital development.

In the city where technological advancement is the name of the game: autonomous mobility, Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS), data ownership, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT)will be on the 2020 agenda.

During the IT-TRANS exhibition, more than 270 exhibitors from 34 countries will present to over 7000 visitors in almost 30000m2 of exhibition space – and for the first time across two exhibition halls.

The Conference will feature more than 30 sessions, with over 150 speakersin front of 700 delegates. It’s here where change will be created.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to join us in the city that received the very first email…

Karlsruhe: be part of the progressive innovation.
Consider this your personal invitation.

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