Three lessons from European Mobility Week

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Today marks the end of the 17th edition of EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK. This year’s edition, under the theme of multimodality (‘Mix and Move!’) was the largest in size and reach, a clear demonstration of the ever growing interest city authorities develop towards urban mobility issues.

During these last seven days, we have witnessed awareness raising actions in more than 2,700 participating cities, from 54 countries. We have heard all about the benefits of public transport and the importance of decreasing the use of cars in our cities. Urban dwellers have felt it, policy makers promoted it and experts debated on how to achieve it.

Yet, now that the week is over and that cars have taken back the streets, we should ask ourselves what will remain from this year’s celebrations. 

Ulrich Weber, Chairman of the European Committee at UITP, Head of Staff Unit Funding/Subsidies and EU Affairs at Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG and Director of Regional Office of VDV Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, wrote an opinion letter to share his thoughts on three important topics linked with sustainable urban mobility.

According to Mr Weber, there are three main topics which should remain in the discussion for political leaders: funding, the use of data and multimodality. These elements are key in the development of sustainable urban mobility.

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK might just be over, but the future of urban mobility has never looked so bright. In the coming months, many topics will be debated in the context of the upcoming European elections, which will be held in 2019, but it is the responsibility of us all, not just the public transport sector, to keep this priority on top of the politicians’ agenda. It is the only way we will ‘Mix and move’ towards more sustainable, healthy, competitive and liveable cities.


Check out some of the inspiring MOBILITYACTIONS registered for this year!

UITP has established the Mobility Champions Community which gathers mayors and city leaders in one group to work together towards more sustainable and liveable cities. Find out more here!

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