UITP 2018: a year of achievements

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As we look back on the many achievements of 2018, we are inspired and truly proud of all we have accomplished together. Let’s recap, following the calendar year…

Winter 2018

UITP kicked off the New Year in 2018 by welcoming a new Secretary General, Mohamed Mezghani. Under this new leadership, the Secretariat of UITP has defined new strategic priorities and a new departmental structure to keep our work processes as efficient and effective as possible.

‘Digitalisation’ was again a buzz word in our 2018 communications, starting with the release of the Knowledge Brief Digital preparedness in public transport, which shared figures from a survey we sent to our members. We were happy to see that around 58% of respondents already have a strategy for digital transformation in their businesses!

Further within the expansive theme of digitalisation, IT-TRANS 2018 was our best edition yet, with over 580 participants in the Conference and 6,000 Exhibition visitors! Everyone in attendance will forever remember the striking words of our keynote speaker, Olivier van Duüren, as he said: “Data is the new oil. AI is the new electricity. Every company is a software company. That's the future.”

UITP also took a firm role in the conversation on gender equality in March 2018, most notably, on International Women’s Day (8 March 2018), when UITP and the World Bank joined forces to launch a memorable awareness campaign ‘PT4ME, PT4YOU, PT4ALL’ which emphasised the importance of creating a safe and accessible public transport environment for all with a powerful video

Spring 2018

As a follow-up to our 2017 Policy Brief on autonomous vehicles, UITP launched the SPACE (Shared Personalised Automated Connected vEhicles) project which solidifies the positioning of the public transport sector as leaders in the autonomous revolution.

In April, the MENA Transport Congress & Exhibition 2018 was another big success, with over 900 delegates in attendance! Held under the theme ‘Pioneering for customer happiness’, UITP President Pere Calvet opened the Congress by reminding us all that “customers are the core business of urban mobility. Happiness is our most valuable return on investment.”

UITP expanded its ever-growing network this year by partnering up with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) to create the Mobility Champions Community which gathers mayors and city leaders from around the world, working in thematic clusters related to sustainable urban mobility.

We need to dare to look into a future where cars will not dictate mobility,” said Emilia Saiz, Secretary General of UCLG.

Always pushing the sector forward towards zero emissions, UITP released two key publications to support the design and tendering of electric buses. The Design Charter for Innovative Electric Buses, a product created through the European Bus System of the Future 2 (EBSF_2) project, utilises the transition to electromobility as an opportunity to improve customer experience. The UITP Bus Tender Structure Report serves as an update to our previously published guidance document for tendering buses to incorporate the evolving introduction of electric buses.

Summer 2018

In July 2018, UITP held its third successful event of the year: the Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition (SITCE), held in conjunction with the International Rail Conference. Under the theme ‘People at the heart of digital railways’, this event brought 630 delegates from around the world to Singapore.

In addition, UITP published a new Statistics Brief sharing World Metro Figures. UITP collected extensive data for a series of key indicators for all metros in the world including ridership, number of lines, network length, number of stations, and – new for this edition – fleet size.

Aside from our key knowledge publications, advocacy initiatives, and successful events, 2018 also saw a rise in the amount and variety of our training programmes, reaching a total of 200 training days around the world!

Autumn 2018

UITP staff started telling the world the story of ‘the Art of Public Transport’ as registrations opened this September for the next Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden! We’ll see you there from 9-12 June 2019!

Later in September, UITP and our member Transport for London (TfL) jointly hosted a CEO Forum in London to promote better understanding of diversity and inclusion in the public transport sector. Diversity in the public transport workforce is crucial for the sector’s advancement, and we are working hard to provide recommendations on how to achieve a better gender balance in 2019.

We also committed to improving the quality of life in cities, as UITP collaborated with the World Health Organization and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to ensure our actions to improve healthy cities are strengthened and coordinated. UITP published a Policy Brief which includes four recommendations on Integrating mobility health impact in decision-making, in tandem to these partnerships. This Policy Brief insists that public transport is key to enabling active modes and improving air quality.

In addition to health, UITP released another key Policy Brief Public transport as an instrument for urban regeneration, which demonstrates that public transport is an instrument in revitalising, regenerating and supporting growth in deprived areas.

In November 2018, UITP held an Extraordinary General Assembly where our members gathered in Brussels to approve a draft of the new UITP bylaws and elect the Association’s first-ever Deputy President, Ian Dobbs.

In December, we were highly involved in COP24! Selected as an official partner of the UNFCCC, we were honoured to have had the opportunity to feature in their Facebook Live in a very special interview. Alongside UIC, we were the only public transport association granted this status!

During COP24, UITP also teamed up with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, WHO and the City of Katowice, to launch our unique ‘hanging cards’ as part of the Breathe Life campaign. These cards were displayed on all modes of public transport in the city!

Our Policy Board members in Lyon, France, also renewed the 2014 Declaration on Climate Leadership in the context of COP24 by committing to communicating on their future climate actions.

There is much more that we could say, but we’ll leave it at that! Thank you all for a fantastic year—we’re looking forward to seeing what 2019 will bring as we continue to advance public transport.

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