UITP Commission meeting represents the first Talanoa Dialogue in the public transport sector

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The UITP Sustainable Development Commission meeting, held on 26 and 27 April 2018, kindly hosted by Amadou Ba, the president of CETUD, the organising authority in Dakar, Senegal, started the year-long consultation process on climate change in the public transport sector.

The Talanoa Dialogue Platform, launched at the start of the year, is an inclusive process during which parties and non-parties stakeholders involved at the COP are invited to ‘share stories, build empathy and to make wise decisions for the collective good’. The outcomes of these discussions will feed into the COP24 climate change talks which will highlight solutions that will allow countries to be more ambitious on climate change.

The Commission meeting was an officially recognised Talanoa Dialogue and the first in the entire transport sector.  The Dialogue of public transport professionals from around the globe outlined how public transport can increase ambition of national climate strategies linked to the Paris Agreement and double the market share of public transport – a key commitment to action under the UITP Declaration on Climate Leadership which is recognised by the UN’s Global Climate Action (GCA) area, which identifies key country solutions to climate change.

UITP has always been a champion for a cleaner earth, thanks to our or Sustainable Development Commission which has been leading our efforts on climate change.

All stakeholders must look further ahead by addressing the very real issue of climate change

One of the key messages from the UITP Dakar Dialogue is the interlinked challenges of climate change and sustainable development must be urgently addressed to deliver a stable and secure world to future generations.  Importantly, the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) target an expansion of public transport, which will mean that we can enhance climate action, enhance people’s lives and provide access to all which will ensure that no one is left behind. 

“All stakeholders must look further ahead by addressing the very real issue of climate change. For a coastal city such as New York, the impacts of climate change are set to steadily increase”, Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives at the MTA, NY and chair of the UITP Sustainable Development Commission.

The UNFCCC Bonn Climate Conference - a prelude to the climate negotiations at the end of the year - will discuss with countries over the next two weeks starting from 30 April to identify how to be more ambitious in key sectors on climate action with member states. UITP will present the outcome of the SD Commission Talanoa Dialogue during these discussions.

UITP is keen to keep the Dialogue open in the public transport sector throughout the course of the year that will help call for maximum ambition and maximum action with public transport. Please send your ideas to info@uitp.org.

Interested in what else UITP has been doing to counter climate change? Read our latest news released on Earth Day here!

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