UITP to create a series of mini-documentaries on the importance of public transport in our cities

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In order to place a global spotlight on the sector, UITP has commissioned a series of mini-documentaries to highlight the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport.

Redefining Public Transport: the changing faces of urban mobility” will show that the sector is about people – and the way in which we travel is changing.

Public transport now goes beyond buses, metros, trams and trains. Although traditional modes will always remain the backbone of our cities; bike-sharing, car-pooling, new mobility players, autonomous vehicles and driverless shuttles are all playing a part in the way people move around.

Our cities become more accessible when we restrict private cars.

Using public transport contributes to the quality of life in our cities – it makes them more prosperous by providing better access to jobs and culture.

Working alongside our members, our ambition is to bring to life the vision for the sector through beautifully crafted films, featuring worldwide public transport innovators and leaders. It’s also important that any misconceptions or outdated images about the sector be explained.

“UITP sees public transport as a vitally important sector to place a spotlight on. Working closely with our members, in all of the parts of the world UITP reaches, we are determined to show the many ways in which public transport is the blood in which our cities flow. Cities must offer citizens the best ways to move around – and above all else, public transport is for all people. We cannot wait to show the many ways it benefits our daily lives”, said Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General.

The series will be part of the next UITP Global Public Transport Summit (Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019) – the biggest event of its kind in public transport and urban mobility.

Following this premiere, there will be an extensive advertising campaign, targeting public transport professionals, authorities, consumers and potential industry partners.

It is hoped the outcome will be a better understanding of what is happening in the constantly evolving landscape of public transport and how it will impact society.

UITP wants to share knowledge and provide the tools for new partnerships to be formed and new ways of operating to be implemented.

The programme is being produced for UITP by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, the content-marketing division of BBC Global News.

For information on how to become involved, please contact
Charles Woodward
Global Head of Programme Partnerships:

For all UITP queries, please contact
Scott Shepherd
Press and Media Relations:

BBC StoryWorks is a creative studio with newsroom values. It embodies the BBC’s creative spark and rigorous editorial quality to help brands connect through beautifully crafted storytelling.


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