UITP expands training portfolio with launch of new Centre for Training

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UITP announced today the launch of its Centre for Training as part of its growing global portfolio of training programmes for public transport professionals.

The brand new Centre for Training seeks to build on UITP’s decade-long experience of running training programmes based on its international expertise to meet the growing worldwide demand for new specialised and customised courses for professional development in the sector.

The Centre for Training will now propose advanced specialised courses in the most up-to-date fields in the sector, such as marketing and communications, bus and rail operations planning, security management and risk assessment among others.

The Centre is partnering with the World Bank and the UNDP and with prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and the Ecole Polytechnique of Lausanne, as well as with leading local transport players from UITP’s existing Centres for Transport Excellence to enhance its training platforms in the MENA and Asia-Pacific regions.

The first UITP training programme was held more than ten years ago and demand has grown exponentially. Since then, UITP has given training to participants from more than 600 different organisations from over 90 countries and held in over 40 countries

“The current and future portfolio of training programmes delivered by the UITP Centre for Training significantly enhances the services provided by UITP to its members and non-members alike in order to help people fulfil their career potential in the public transport and sustainable mobility sector,” said Alain Flausch, UITP Secretary General.

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