UITP in Graz: knowledge and innovation at CIVITAS Forum

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If you travelled to Graz from 2-4 October for the CIVITAS Forum Conference, chances are high you have run into UITP! 

With this year’s theme being ‘Back to the future’ the CIVITAS Forum looked at the interplay between new technology and classic mobility solutions in the present day. Who better than UITP’s Knowledge & Innovation department to travel to Austria to bring our pioneering partner projects to a wide audience? A strong delegation of projects made it to Graz: GECKO, JIVE, ASSURED, IMOVE, MORE, My-TRAC, and the Clean Bus Europe Platform.

New mobility service governance and integration was definitely the talk of the town at the conference. It was no coincidence that the GECKO project, which is coordinated by UITP, took the stage during the session on the governance of MaaS. The most important lessons learnt? Public transport, walking and cycling should be the backbone of MaaS and we need better regulation to further develop Mobility as a Service schemes – conclusions in line with the recently published UITP MaaS report.

Another research project in our suitcase with destination Graz was My-TRAC. Presented during the session on digital mobility tools and services, project partners presented the recently My-TRAC mobile application and joined the discussion on how digital applications can make urban transport smarter. You say digital applications, you think data? This was indeed the case: the sharing and treatment of data was a topic high on the conference’s programme. During the session ‘Big data, digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence in transport’ UITP presented its report Artificial Intelligence in Mass Public Transport. Conclusions from the session were clear:  data sharing is absolutely necessary and is the cornerstone of unlocking the potential of big data in transport. Until that hurdle is overcome, one way or another, the potential benefits cannot be attained.

Also more traditional modes of transport took the stage at CIVITAS. Senior Project Manager Aida Abdulah presented both the ASSURED project and the recently launched Clean Bus Europe Platform, in the frame of the EC Clean Bus Deployment Initiative.

The presentation highlighted how ASSURED is contributing to developing solutions for the interoperability and standardisation of e-bus charging infrastructure, thus enabling e-fleet upscale in cities. Also discussed was the big step made by the EC with the set-up of the Clean Bus Europe Platform, which is providing cities, authorities and operators with the knowledge, expertise, and technical support needed to deploy clean bus systems, boosting sustainable and liveable cities across Europe.

It is safe to say UITP was well represented during CIVITAS Forum, sharing our pioneering projects with the world of public transport!

Under the CIVITAS Initiative, a number of research and innovation projects are run: in September, UITP launched the SUMP-PLUS project together with 15 other partners. Coordinated by Stad Antwerpen, the SUMP-PLUS project seeks to contribute to creating more sustainable cities by addressing urban mobility related challenges, hereby taking into account the need to establish stronger links with other urban system components such as education, health, retail, and land use planning. For more information on the SUMP-PLUS project, please contact Yannick Bousse

The full report on Artificial Intelligence is available for purchase: please contact publications@uitp.org for more information.


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